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Find Allergy-Friendly Restaurants at AllergyEats.com

With the thousands and thousands of individuals suffering with food allergies, it can be hard to navigate menus or even find a restaurant where you can safely eat. I remember when I first learned that I had to avoid wheat, dairy and eggs. I was convinced I would never eat out again and avoided dinner parties with friends and family, not knowing what I would be able to eat. Many years have passed since that diagnosis and I have learned how to navigate foods to ensure I eat yummy, wholesome foods without feeling like I’m missing out. (more…)

Whole Foods Introduces New Line of Soy Milk and Almond Milk

Got milk? What about chocolate soy milk? Or vanilla almond milk?

I love almond milk, and while I’ve been a devotee of Blue Diamond’s unsweetened vanilla almond milk, Whole Foods’ new refrigerated line of soy and almond milks are giving my usual stand-by some stealth competition.

Made from flavorful American-grown organic almonds, the new 365 Organic Everyday Value Almond milk is the first-ever private label organic refrigerated almond milk. (There is also a shelf-stable version, if you prefer.) Naturally free of saturated fat and cholesterol, Whole Foods Market’s Almond milk contains as much calcium and Vitamin D as dairy milk and is an excellent source of Vitamin E. The new line boasts a fresh, rich taste that comes in Original, Vanilla and Unsweetened flavors. (more…)

Study: Soy Reduces Risk of COPD

blue inhalerYou can breathe a little easier now… that is, if you start eating soy. Researchers have found that if you consume soy products, such as tofu and soy milk, on a regular basis you can improve your lung function and lower the chances of developing chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD).

Ninety percent of the time, COPD is caused by long-term smoking. The condition is characterized by a progressive decline in lung function which includes chronic bronchitis and emphysema. (more…)

Protein-Rich Meat Alternatives

soy milkThey are plenty of ways to meet your protein needs, without having to eat meat. The food industry has made leaps and bounds in terms of offering nutritious and delicious vegetarian options for helping you get the protein you need. However, these products are not just for the vegetarian, even you meat lovers can sample these foods and incorporate them into your diet to switch it up and add some spice to your meals!

Soy (soy nuts, edamame, tofu)

  • May help reduce calories, saturated fat and cholesterol when substituted for meat.
  • Provides your body with isoflavones that have been proven to work wonders on your body and health

Try these:

  • Soy milk, but check that it’s fortified with calcium and B vitamins (more…)

Easy Ways to Incorporate Soy’s Health Benefits in Your Diet

Foods rich in soy protein serve as a good alternative to meat, poultry, and other animal-based products, but did you know that incorporating soy into your diet is great for your health? This would make sense because soy is much leaner and healthier than meats and meat products. Studies have shown soy to be beneficial in reducing the risk of heart disease by lowering cholesterol levels, building and helping with bone integrity, preventing certain cancers, and helping with hot flashes! Now that you know the health benefits of soy, you should be adventurous and branch out and try to add soy in your diet. (Note: It’s recommended to consume 25 grams of soy daily to reap the health benefits.)

Here are a few soy products to consider and try out:

Found in the frozen foods aisle, all you have to do is cook in water, either stove top of microwave, and then lightly salt to taste if needed, and enjoy!

Soy Nuts
Eat them alone or thrown into salads.

Soy Cereal
Normally found in the health or organic aisles of the store.