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Crocs Offers Toning Shoes

CrocsToneNot to be left out of the toning-shoe trend, Crocs are now offering a shoe that promises to give your legs and butt a workout just by walking. Similar products include FitFlops, Skechers Shape-ups, and New Balance Rock&Tone. The CrocsTone Skylar Flats sell for $49.99 and the CrocsTone Skylar Clog, which looks like the classic Croc, sells for $54.99.

The CrocsTone line claims that their shoe “initiates key muscle activity to provide toning benefits” while you walk. They claim that the secret to more attractive legs lies in the three-part sole that creates a “rocker-effect.” We have to confess that the Skylar Flat is much cuter than many of the other toning shoes, or the original Crocs themselves, but we’re still suspicious of their claims.


K-Swiss Tubes: Quest for the Perfect Running Shoe

Running ShoesI don’t think there could be a sharper contrast going from barefoot running sandals to K-Swiss Tubes. The high-tech sole is supported by the tubes that give the shoe its name. K-Swiss claims that the gradually decreasing diameter of the tubes (the biggest of which I can stick my pinkie through) are engineered to work “in harmony with the motion of the foot” no matter the wearer’s gait or size.

Run 1

Before I even made it to my run, I have to confess that I tripped on my way down the stairs. The soles of the Tubes are wider and longer than my feet, and it was immediately clear that it would take me awhile to adjust to them. Although the shoes are pretty lightweight, I did feel that my run was a little more arduous than in either my old Pumas or the running sandals.

I was happy that I made it through my two-miles without any foot pain, nor were my feet sore the following day.


Barefoot Running Sandals: Quest for the Perfect Running Shoe

Invisible Running shoes Introduction

My quest to find the perfect running shoe began with foot pain. My primary sport is figure skating, and the Pumas were great for off-ice training and workouts. But six years after purchasing them, the soles have worn smooth and I couldn’t run two days in a row due to aching arches.

Over the next few weeks, I’ll be posting reviews of running shoes. Before jumping in, I thought I would share a little of my background. I would describe myself as an amateur running enthusiast. I run about three times a week, rarely covering more than three miles. I participated in track in school, so do know something about proper running form. However, I am not an expert.

Invisible Shoes — Sandals for Barefoot Running

There’s a debate raging over barefoot running, and one way to participate in any debate is to get some first-hand experience in the matter. So when Steven Sashen from InvisibleShoe.com contacted me about trying a pair of barefoot running sandals, I jumped at the chance. They couldn’t hurt much worse that my old Pumas, right?


New Balance Offers New Toning Shoes

The world of shoes that tone and lift your bum are about as popular as Manolos – and a heck of a lot more comfortable too.

The athletic shoe company, New Balance, just came out with a complete line of toning or rocker shoes.

New Balance was a sponsor of the FitBloggin conference this past spring and since DietsInReview.com was also represented at this exciting media event, New Balance generously sent me a pair of their Rock&Tone shoes.

I have been a bit skeptical about this new line of walking and toning footwear, whether it’s the Reebok EasyTone or Skechers Shape Ups. So, when I put on my pair of light gray Rock&Tones, I really didn’t know what to expect.


When Fitness Experts are Wrong

Maruchy Lachance is president of Running Ninja!, a lifestyle brand for runners by runners. Running Ninja! offers a wide variety of apparel and gifts for runners to keep you happy and inspired while you’re on the run.

One of my biggest pet peeves is when well-intentioned individuals have their fitness goals derailed by a constant stream of misleading information from so-called fitness “professionals.”

I spend a great deal of time listening to friends and family in desperate need of some form of physical exercise tell me why they won’t exercise or how they simply quit after a short time. The culprit was usually a report on TV or the newspaper undermining their efforts by essentially stating that whatever form of exercise they had chosen was just useless.