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Shedding for the Wedding

Shedding for the Wedding Ends with a Green Wedding

Team Eco-Lovers Sam and Brooks won their dream green wedding

This week brought us the season finale of Shedding for the Wedding. After three months of working out, dieting, and trying to lose weight at home, the final two couples – Sam and Brooks and Dawn and Adam – revealed their weight loss at a final weigh in that determined who would win their dream wedding.

First, we got to see how the six eliminated teams did after their individual eliminations. As each couple was revealed, it was very dramatic to see how much weight they had all lost. As Lindsey from Team Greek Week said, they all must have felt much more “sexy” and confident in their leaner and trimmer bodies. But, in the end, the couple that lost the most weight and, therefore, won the fantasy honeymoon at the Buchaneer Resort in St. Croix, US Virgin Islands, was Team Big Band: Valerie and Dave.

Then it was all down to the Top Two Teams: Team Fun & Games and Team Eco-Lovers. When it was time for the couples to step up on the scale, it was obvious that both couples were very nervous. First went Dawn and Adam, who lost 112 combined pounds since they started the competition. Sam and Brooks jumped on the scale immediately afterwards, and had lost 161 combined pounds- making them the winners!

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Family and Friends Make an Appearance on Shedding for the Wedding Episode 7 Recap

On this week’s episode of Shedding for the Wedding, it was finally down to the toughest three couples: David and Allison, Sam and Brooks, and Dawn and Adam. Now, the competition is really fierce, and as one contestant said, they are all now transforming into athletes.

The episode started out with an emotional surprise for the couples. The couples were told that they would be seeing models showing them their bridal party attire for their weddings. Instead of strangers, the couples were greeted by their maids of honors and best men. It was an emotional and exciting moment for everyone as the couples were reunited with their friends and family for the first time in seven weeks. The couples then picked out their favorite designer dresses and tuxes for their wedding parties.

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It’s Makeover Week on Shedding for the Wedding Episode Six

Sara RueOn this week’s episode of Shedding for the Wedding, we got to see which foods the couples wanted for their dream wedding menus. The caterer told the couples that they should be thinking of “skinny” foods for their dream weddings, however, when it was time for David and Allison to create their dream menu, David forgot all about these skinny foods and asked for a good Italian dish, such as lasagna. Dawn and Adam stayed more on track, contemplating the nutritional and caloric content of their menu. Laura and Austin voted for a tailgating menu featuring ball-park franks, while Sam and Brooks asked for “animal-friendly” cuts of meat. After a handcuffed treadmill workout, Dawn and Adam won the catering for their wedding.

After the couples selected their dream menus, they were told that it was makeover week. The makeovers were intended to help inspire the contestants and motivate them to keep losing weight. Each contestant was asked to pick their ideal looks, which was more difficult for some than others. After picking out their wardrobes, the contestants went to a salon to be pampered and styled. Then, to top it all off, the couples got to appear in a photo shoot for People magazine, which will feature the couples and their weight loss journeys.

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Shedding for the Wedding Contestants Saw Logs for Their Dream Invitations

Eliminated team, Team Big Band

This week’s episode of Shedding for the Wedding started in a different gym than the couples usually work out in. Instead of sweating on treadmills and with free weights, the couples were told that their workout would consist of a pole dancing class for couples at Crunch gym. The workout was described as an athletic workout that the couples might want to take home and try out themselves. As the men got low on the pole, Austin admitted he did not plan on starting a career as a professional pole dancer and many of the women felt too awkward or uncomfortable to perform the exercises. However, by the end of the workout, everyone was laughing and really enjoying their creative new exercise routines.

The couples then had a decor lesson with their wedding planner. The only couple who knew what a charger was was Sam and Brooks; everyone else was clueless. However, when it came time to picking out invitations, the couples were more excited. After a grueling challenge that forced the couples to saw through huge logs, Sam and Brooks won their dream invitations and decor for their weddings, in addition to immunity from the final weigh-in as long as they did not gain any weight this week; they were also able to assign a one pound penalty to Laura and Austin for the final weigh-in.

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Overcoming Obstacles in This Week’s Shedding for the Wedding

This week’s episode of Shedding for the Wedding started with the couples picking out wedding bands. It was an emotional moment for some of the couples, especially for Team Eco-Lovers when Samantha shared that her engagement ring was originally her late mother’s ring. After a challenging competition that involved being suspended mid-air while hanging onto a ring, Dawn and Adam won their wedding bands.

The workouts this week were harder than ever, and also more personalized. Team Greek Week’s Chase wants to become a police officer someday, so trainer Nicky decided to customize his workout by bringing in a six-foot wall for Chase to climb, which is a requirement for police academy training. Chase scaled that wall with ease and Lindsey was very excited for him.

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