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Withings Scale Brings WiFi to Your Weigh-In

With so many diet and weight-loss tools available online, it seems to make sense that wireless scales would come to market. These online scales advertise benefits of improved or even faster weight loss, and while I don’t think a scale will ever have the power to remove those unwanted pounds, there are several benefits specific to the Withings scale that are definitely worth highlighting.

Charting your weight online is a great resource, as it provides you a reference from week to week and month to month. I especially like this, as it may help bring light to time periods where you may have gained weight. What happened during that time period? Was it the holidays? Were you on vacation? Were you going through a tough time? This reflection will help you understand your eating and activity habits to enact changes if need be. (more…)

7 Deadly Sins of Dieting

We’ve all committed at least one. Or maybe two (or five). When it comes to dieting, there are as many “rules” as there are diet books, diet pills and diet gadgets.

But there are a few, seven to be exact, deadly sins of dieting. The list is not meant for you to twist another thorn in your crown or take a swat at your self-esteem, but rather to help us all take a thoughtful look at the unproven things we tell ourselves and do all in the name of health and thinness.

Before you read the seven deadly sins of dieting, resolve to chuckle at yourself when you come across something you ascribe to. And most importantly, commit to living a healthy life today, one that is free of thoughts and behaviors that keep you shackled to the crazy world of diets.


Quantam Scale Will Never Show Your Weight

There is a scale out there for everyone. At DietsInReview.com, we thought we had seen it all, with scales that upload your weight online, to even a chair that doubles as a scale. Turns out we haven’t seen it all. The Quantam Scale, which was featured on The Tyra Banks Show and The Bonnie Hunt Show, does not show you your weight. Yes, you read that correctly; it will never show you your actual weight.

When stepping on the scale, it will simply show you how much you have lost or gained, but not those three dreaded numbers.


Body Trace Wireless Scale Makes Tracking Weight Easy

Like most people, I had a standard scale that I kept in my bathroom and at random times throughout the week would hop on to monitor my weight. I never tracked my weight over time, but simply knew when I got on the scale if I liked the number or not. That was then; this is now. And, scales have become increasingly advanced to help people track their progress toward their weight loss goals.

The Body Trace eScale is one of these advanced scales as it wirelessly uploads your weight to your account on the Body Trace website. Below I have outlined the main features of the site and their functions, along with my comments on each:

Escali: The Body Weight Scale that Tracks Your Progress

escali scaleDo you have a love-hate relationship with your scale? What if you could design a scale that worked with you as you meet your weight loss goals, rather than just spewing out a number that either makes or breaks your day?

The Escali bathroom scale is as close as you can get to helping you stay on top of meeting and keeping your weight loss goals. The company, which also makes digital scales for the kitchen and for professional use, let us sample one of their sleek and slim Track & Target scales.

The glass digital scale allows you to program in yours and up to three other users’ desired weights. Once you hop on the scale, it calibrates your weight, shows you how much weight you have lost (or gained) since your last weigh-in and how much more weight you have to go before you reach your end goal. The display panel is super easy to read and it even tells you to “Get Off” once the scale has completed determining your weight. It’s pretty darn precise too, measuring a loss or gain of .2 pounds or 0.1 Kg.

Continuing reading to learn more and receive an exclusive 15% Escali coupon. (more…)