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Sara Rue to Host “Shedding for the Wedding”

Actress Sara Rue to Host Shedding for the WeddingThe CW announced that Sara Rue will be hosting the new reality weight-loss show, Shedding for the Wedding. The actress is an ideal selection, having recently lost 50 pounds on the Jenny Craig program. Contestants will know that their host has empathy for their difficulties.

The mid-season show has yet to announce its first airing. For three months, ten overweight couples will live together and compete to drop the most pounds. The winning couple will get the blow-out wedding of their dreams. Each week there will be a challenge for smaller pieces of the perfect wedding, from rings to the cake. The couples will also get lots of advice from health professionals and wedding planners. (more…)

Jenny Craig Spokeswomen are Inspiring!

One of the most popular diet programs available for women, Jenny Craig has a fierce and loyal following. With more than 640 centers around the world and amazingly delicious pre-packaged meals, it’s not hard to see why so many women love the Jenny Craig system.jenny craig

With its focus on food, body and mind, Jenny Craig is a well-rounded weight loss program that offers the training and support you need to achieve your weight loss goals. Its varied programs and pre-packaged meals and snacks offers the convenience of healthy eating in combination with a personalized plan that fits your lifestyle.

But, without a doubt, one of the most effective elements to the Jenny Craig system would have to be the selection of their spokeswomen. Typically a woman who is in need of weight loss, she puts a human face on the program and inspires the members of the program to work hard and get the results that they want. Let’s take a look at some of the most popular and recent choices for Jenny Craig spokeswomen. (more…)

Sara Rue is Jenny Craig’s New Celebrity Endorser [UPDATED]

sara rueUPDATE: Sara Rue had major success on Jenny Craig, dropping 50 pounds. She will also be the host on a new reality TV show, Shedding for the Wedding. (8/6/10)

Celebrities are particularly effective in marketing diets. It’s not just that people look up to them, but people see that the beautiful entertainers are not always perfect, that they struggle with many of the same things that we “normal folks” do.

Jenny Craig rules the roost of celebrity endorsements. Sure, NutriSystem has a stranglehold on the male celebrity diet endorsers. But, from a business perspective, women are the backbone of the diet industry, and Jenny Craig has made celebrities the centerpiece of their marketing efforts. (more…)