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Healthy Recipes for Your Hanukkah Celebrations

Hanukkah might have already started, but luckily for everyone who celebrates, there is still almost a week left. That means six more nights of lighting the menorah, spinning the dreidel and digging in to your favorite healthy Hanukkah recipes.

Apple Cinnamon Fruit Dip: Some celebrate Hanukkah with jelly donuts called sufganiyot, but if you’re trying to make it through the holiday season without sacrificing a jeans size, opt for an apple cinnamon fruit dip that will take the edge off your taste for spicy sweets.

Apricot Souffles: Some people think it’s appropriate to indulge on a holiday, but when the holiday lasts eight days, ditching your diet can be detrimental. Stick with a lighter-for-you treat, such as an apricot souffle with less than 70 calories per serving.


Make Your Own Homemade Sushi

Ever since I moved to the west coast, I have been a die-hard sushi eater. I am a huge fan of spicy tuna, spicy shrimp, and spicy salmon rolls. I’m getting hungry just thinking about it!!

Today, I am going to teach you how to make your favorite healthy sushi roll at home.

First, you need chopped raw tuna steak, shrimp, or salmon and mix them with a spicy low calorie sauce (I use a combination of two tablespoons of sriracha and a teaspoon of wasabi) in a large dish. (more…)

Salmon Baby Food Can Spark Child Development

Have you fed your baby fish today? It’s probably something that many parents don’t really think of much. But if a food science professor has her way, more people will be doing it.

Incorporating fish into an adult’s diet is recommended for several reasons, one of which is those rich in omega-3 fatty acids help prevent coronary artery disease. Experts generally recommend it twice a week.

But why would a baby need fish? Well, there are many other benefits as well. Registered dietitian Susan Brewer of the University of Illinois says that there are two main reasons that we should all feed out baby’s fish: (more…)

Genetically Engineered Salmon May Be Coming

I will preface what I am about to say with this: I know next to nothing about genetic engineering. Let me rephrase that; I know nothing about genetic engineering. So, when I say that I think that genetically engineered food seems like a very bad idea to me, it’s just a hunch.

Messing with Mother Nature rarely seems like a good idea to me. So, when I hear the news that the Food and Drug Administration is considering the approval of the first genetically engineered animal-based food for consumption, it worries me a little.


Five Foods That Will Save Your Heart

cherriesFebruary is American Heart Month. It’s a time to bring awareness to heart disease and stroke, the number one killer in the United States, so you and the people you love don’t become a statistic. This month is particularly personal for me, as my mom has heart disease. She had quadruple bypass surgery one year ago this month. If you know someone who would benefit from this information on preventing heart disease, please share it.

Five Foods That Will Save Your Heart

One way to prevent heart disease is to eat healthy. In this post, I’ll highlight five different foods that can save your heart – literally. These are not the only five foods that protect your heart, but they stand out as star performers in my book.

1. Garlic: Known as “the stinking rose,” this herb does not stink when it comes to heart health. Numerous studies have demonstrated potential benefits of regular garlic consumption on blood pressure, platelet aggregation, serum triglyceride level, and cholesterol levels – all of which keep your ticker ticking. The other thing I like about garlic is that it can be used to season food so you can cut back (way back) on the salt. (more…)