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Ruby Recap Season 3 Episode 10: Ruby Fires Back

This week on Ruby, she discusses her fears of not being able to protect herself after news of various crimes in her area. After the discussion with her friends, Ruby decides to take action.

Ruby’s friend Georgia took her to a shooting range. At first, Ruby was not exactly a natural. She was asking silly questions, and was overly worried about everything. But, then Ruby started getting competitive about the target practice. She also got a little deja vu at the shooting range. She felt like she had done it before.


Ruby Recap Season 3 Episode 9: Thanksgiving Dinner

It’s Thanksgiving this week on Ruby. And you know what that means? Serious temptations. So, Ruby’s plan was to have two Thanksgivings, one for her and one for the others.

But, even this sensible idea runs into a stumbling block, as her friends want the traditional pumpkin pie, which Ruby cannot have around, because it was a trigger food when she was at her heaviest.

After Ruby invites her trainers over for the Thanksgiving dinner, the show moves on to her in a therapy session discussing ideas for how to handle dinner. Her therapist emphasizes avoiding “minimizing” eating, which is when Ruby would say “I’ll just have a little of this.”


Ruby’s Mom May Have Intentionally Overfed Her

A major story line in the latest season of Ruby hovers around her suspicion that she may have been molested or abused as a child, and that she has been repressing those memories for all these years.

In Ruby’s discussions with her mother, I just had a feeling that maybe she knew more about what Ruby went through than she was leading onto. Ruby has eluded to a suspicion that a past doctor of hers has that maybe her mother overfed her as a child to protect her from the wondering eyes of men.


Ruby Recap Season 3 Episode 8: Ruby’s Plastic Surgery Dilemma

This week on Ruby, we open with her worries about the excessive flab left hanging under her arms, which has become a bigger issue since losing half of her body weight. So, she starts thinking about plastic surgery.

Ruby’s ex-boyfriend Denny calls her with a proposition to join him on a trip to Los Angeles. She lived with Denny in L.A. when the two were dating. Since it appears that she is going to take him up on the offer – which apparently he was going to pay for – Ruby calls up their old friend Brittnay, who is an actress. Ruby gets on her webcam with Brittnay to see if she can help her find a plastic surgeon.

Ruby, Denny, and Brittnay go for a hike in L.A. And, in what was a bold move for Ruby, who is usually very timid about taking on physical challenges, she eyes a very steep trail along their path and says that she wants to take it on. (more…)

Ruby Recap Season 3 Episode 7: Ruby’s Australian Adventure

This week, Ruby heads to Australia to promote her book – “Ruby’s Diary.” After she lands and heads to her hotel, Ruby immediately sets a goal to lose 10 pounds on her trip Down Under. I have to admit that is a little bit of a downer that she has to be thinking about losing weight when she’s on a once-in-a-lifetime trip, but such is life for Ruby.

An Australian magazine was promoting her book, and they took her to a beach in Sydney for a photo shoot. It was then that Ruby revealed that she hired a trainer to help her lose the 10 pounds on her trip. (more…)