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The Best Places to Rock Climb In The U.S.

Rock climbing is a sport that involves climbing natural rock formations with the goal of reaching the summit, peak, or endpoint. Rock climbing has become more popular over the years, but several people shy away due to the danger. Thus, artificial rock climbing walls in fitness facilities has become more popular as well.

These artificial walls provide the climber with similar characteristics of natural rock climbing, but take away the danger aspect. Rock climbing is a great way to improve your overall muscular strength and endurance and it will definitely help you overcome your fear of heights. Below are a few of the benefits of rock climbing and best rock climbing places in the nation. Stay safe and good luck!

Benefits Of Rock Climbing:

Mt. Whitney Climb, Pt. 5

My destiny is set.

Mt. Whitney awaits me, and two fellow travelers. On June 7th, 8th and 9th we will make our trip to the tallest mountain in the lower 48 states.

After spending 30 minutes on hold to reserve three spots out of only about 100 that were left, I felt like I was a teen again trying to score floor seats for the Van Halen concert.

Mt. Whitney Hike

I should probably be scared as hell, but I am making progress in my training, which is helping with my confidence. In fact, I went on my first serious hike this past weekend. And it kicked my butt. Six miles of hilly terrain in Auburn, California, and the first mile was practically straight up. With 15-18 pounds on my back, it was certainly tailor made to test my fitness level.

While I made it out pretty much unscathed, only a little calf soreness in the following day or so, I have some serious work ahead of me. I was pretty weak (maybe even nutritionally depleted) that night at dinner. So it goes to show that endurance training is not just about the exercise, but how you handle your delicate nutritional needs. If six miles was a challenge, wait until I have to nearly double that… two days in a row… at elevations I’ve never been to in my life.

I better start looking for my next hike.