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3 Hot New Celebrity Diet and Fitness Reads: How You Can Eat and Exercise Like the Stars

Being a celebrity certainly doesn’t necessarily make you an expert on anything in particular (except maybe acting, or putting together awesome outfits), but it puts you in a good position to draw attention toward a particular issue. Like your diet. Which is why so many celebrities choose to share their diet plans and health regimens with the world in book form.

This makes a lot of sense to me—the general public admires a particular celeb for their smokin’ body, so why not share their wealth of personal information? Sure, they might not be certified nutritionists and the like, but chances are they’ve worked with dozens of them and have come to form their own opinion on what is good and not-so-good their—and yours.

Here are some favorite new health reads by some very familiar faces!

cameron diaz book

The Body Book, by Cameron Diaz

We already featured Body Book, but it is worth noting again that Diaz has recently released her first book, and it is a delightful read. Packed full of simple healthy tips and tons of personality, Diaz is definitely a person we can look to for body acceptance and surprisingly good eating advice. This girl is grounded and her outlook on food is too.


Nutrisystem Weighs in on the Safety of Low-Cal Diets, Suggesting No Fewer than 1,000 Cals a Day

Low-calorie diet plans are increasingly popular—just last month Rocco launched his 800-calorie-a-day weight loss program—so we asked Anthony Fabricatore, Phd, vice-president of Research and Development at Nutrisystem, about the safety of this sort of calorie restriction. Here, his thoughts on the trend including where Nutrisystem’s new low-cal jumpstart week, a 7-day accelerated plan called Fast 5—which in-house trials suggest can lead to a loss of 5 pounds in one week—fits in.

FAst 5

Says Fabricatore: (more…)

Rocco DiSpirito’s New Low-Cal Diet Book Rattles Industry

“Celebrity chef” and “weight loss expert” don’t often go hand in hand, but Rocco DiSpirito, author of the “Now Eat This Diet”, continues to strive to be both. The New York City-based chef, best known for his various television appearances, recently released his tenth book, a diet tome titled “The Pound a Day Diet”.

Rocco Cover Image

According to the release for the brand new book, “The Pound a Day Diet”, is designed to help you lose a pound a day without frustrating plateaus, all while enjoying your favorite foods. On this diet, you never feel hungry or deprived, while always feeling satisfied and fueled with energy. The results are immediate and Rocco shows us how you can transform your body in just days. Be five pounds lighter by Friday!”


The Doctors Reveal What’s Really in Your Food

With the help of recent documentaries, TV shows and legislation, Americans are becoming more aware of just what really is lurking in their favorite foods. But, even with this knowledge, people are still being served processed foods full of chemicals, preservatives and artificial flavors, all deemed safe by the government.

On Monday, February 27, The Doctors, with special guest and celebrity chef Rocco DiSpirito, will take a closer look at the harmful additives and processes used to prepare many of the foods we eat every day.

Amongst the foods spotlighted are:

Burgers. Fast food burgers are comprised of “pink slime,” the term given to the mechanically separated meat that has been treated with ammonia hydroxide to kill bacterias like E-coli. Top fast food restaurants say they have discontinued their use of this meat, made from discarded cow parts, but schools still serve it up daily to our kids.


Cutting Calories With Rocco DiSpirito on The Doctors

I count calories. I’m not always happy about it, but since the magic thin pill hasn’t been perfected just yet, and I like my skinny jeans, I count those pesky calories. I’ve entertained many fad diets, metabolism boosters, and have literally run myself until I’ve broken. None of these tools have been as effective in maintaining weight as a notebook and a food scale.

This Tuesday, November 15, 2011, celebrity chef Rocco DiSpirito will join the cast of The Doctors to discuss this very issue on the show. DiSpirito is also giving away some great calorie cutting tips, many I plan to be marking in my trusty little notebook.

The episode will be themed, “Thinner, Younger, and Sexier in 30.” DiSpirito will be revealing 30 calorie savers from his new book, Now Eat This- 100 Quick Calorie Cuts. These cuts are surprisingly easy and impactful. For example, using all fruit jam instead of butter on your morning toast will save 370 calories a week. Other great tips include doubling the celery in tuna salad, ordering half the cheese and doubling the veggies when you get pizza, or substitute salsa for queso dip at a party. All of these simple ideas will save hundreds of calories and sacrifice no flavor.

The general idea is to honor those pesky calories yet not become a diet food eater. DiSpirito says this method is for the person who doesn’t want to diet and who doesn’t want to exercise. He hit the nail on the head when it comes to weight loss. It’s not about the latest gym group exercise class or a rigid diet plan, it’s just about calories.