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reshape the nation

Chris Powell Reshapes the Nation

Chris Powell. Image Via: predicts that if you haven’t heard of Chris Powell yet, you’ll soon be seeing and hearing a lot more of this fitness trainer and weight loss expert.

In 2011, ABC will be airing the new Extreme Weight Loss Show in which Americans weighing more than 200 pounds will have a chance to work one-on-one with a weight loss expert for a full year to get healthy. And Chris Powell is the guy who is going to help reshape their lives.

Powell is no newbie to supporting people on their journeys to lose weight. His system of strength workouts and cardio circuits helped client David Smith lose a whopping 401 pounds, which was documented in “The 650 Pound Virgin.” And his online program, Reshape the Nation, a ground-breaking total body transformation system, is helping one million Americans transform their lives.

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