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Is Snooki Still Struggling with an Eating Disorder?

snooki in bathing suit 2011

December 14, 2011

Jersey Shore star Snooki recently tweeted a number of pin-up worthy shots of herself looking awfully thin. The star admitted that she struggled with anorexia in the past, and we can’t help but worry that her rapid weight loss could be due to some less-than-healthy habits. It’s often said that people who are diagnosed with anorexia and similar eating disorders will struggle with the disease for the rest of their lives.

The four-foot-nine celeb once said that her goal weight is 85 pounds, which is the lowest weight that could be considered healthy for someone her height. This is also only five pounds more than her lowest weight in high school, which she admits was dangerous. We hope she’ll know when to stop for the sake of her health, although moderation isn’t something we associate with Snooki.

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Biggest Loser is a Leader in Primetime Product Placement

Nielsen just announced that Biggest Loser has the second most product placements in primetime, second only to American Idol. It’s not likely to surprise the millions of loyal fans who watch NBC’s hit reality show, as it’s often bantered about amongst viewers.

Every Tuesday night the sarcasm on Twitter is thick. A scene will open, for instance, at the Biggest Loser Ranch with trainer Dolvett in the kitchen with a couple of contestants. As he starts to talk about the merits of keeping healthy snacks on hand to avoid temptations or keep energy high, the Tweets start rolling in with messages like “oh here it comes” and “what are they selling now?” And then, as expected as confetti at the finale, several flavors of Yoplait yogurt will appear on the counter. Spoons dip in, “yums!” are exchanged, and everyone skips out to the gym for a well-fueled workout.

It’s a scene that loyal Biggest Loser fans know well, and one that plays out at least once in every episode, going on 13 seasons. Most of them laugh it off, knowing that it’s just part of the deal. Some are offended and annoyed, but you probably couldn’t call them loyalists.

All of these product placements, or as those involved with the show call them “product integrations,” are what pay the bills. “Brand integrations, in general, help make TV more affordable to the networks,” David Norton, president of Ladder Up Media, told us today in an interview. “They keep your favorite shows on TV, including Biggest Loser.” He says the money the programs earn from such product placements allow them to do a lot more with the show because they don’t have to hassle with budget constraints.
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Kate Middleton’s Diet Not to be Revealed on NBC’s Inside the Royal Marriage

Royal watchers will get an inside look at the first six months of marriage for Prince William and his new wife, the Duchess of Cambridge, in a special airing on NBC December 13. Hosted by Natalie Morales, “William & Kate: Inside the Royal Marriage” will delve deep into the personal lives of these newlyweds. Today we spoke with Matt Drury, executive producer, and Chris Jackson, Getty Images’ award-winning Royal photographer, who worked on the special and let us in on a little bit of what we’ll see on the program and what it’s like to work so closely with the couple.

We’ll see how William and Kate are building a private life that resembles normal as much as the most famous couple in the world can. Drury told us that their home is quite remote and that they do not have any live-in staff. He also noted some insight shared by Royal friend Ben Fogle, who said that the Duke and Duchess are very selective about the friends they associate with, suggesting an “informal agreement that if anyone does talk, they’ll very quickly find themselves banished from the inner circle.”

One of the things that no one ever discusses is Kate’s diet. In fact, Drury let us know that nothing about Kate’s diet will be revealed on the NBC special.
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Jessica and Ramon Become Biggest Loser’s Newest Couple

The most obvious side effect of a stint on the Biggest Loser Ranch is weight loss. However, there’s another one that seems to show itself to a few people every season, and it’s love. This show turns out more relationships than any dating reality show – ever. It’s uncanny! Season 12 is proving to be no different.

It appears that Jessica and Ramon have the hots for one another! While the details are no more clear than the flash of a preview at the end of last week’s episode, a couple of lip-locked “Losers” doesn’t need much more explanation. Ramon even looks right in to Jessica’s eyes and announces “I love you!”.

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Wicked Fit Focuses More on Drama Than Fitness

The Style Channel kicks off Wicked Fit this week, a reality show featuring former beauty queen turned personal trainer Katie Boyd.

The show will follow the life and times of Boyd as she trains at her Miss Fit Club in Boston, Massachusetts and lives her drama-filled life amongst her friends and clients.

The gym attracts many beauty queens and average-janes alike, but all members get the same brash and blunt treatment that is uniquely Boyd.

Underneath the sometimes crude outer shell of Boyd, viewers will also get to see into the life of the former beauty queen and the struggles she had as a pageant contestant. Boyd’s frustration with the rigid dieting and exercise required during pageant training lead her to open a women-only gym.

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