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Tune In: 3 Foods to Combat Seasonal Sickness on Rachael Ray

Tune in for Rachael Ray’s Friday, September 16 episode where she will be discussing how daylight savings effects the body and can sometimes cause illness.

Lack of sleep or changes to sleep patterns can lower your immune system and lead to sickness. Rachel will head in to the kitchen to introduce three foods that can be eaten to lower your risk of coming down with a seasonal illness.

Catch Friday’s show and learn which foods you should be including in your diet to make sure you stay your healthiest as the seasons change.

Cure Your Sweet Tooth in 3 Days on Rachael Ray

This Week on Rachael RayAre you addicted to sugar? Do you crave sweets all day? Is it hard for you to eat a meal and skip dessert? Tune in to the Rachael Ray show on Thursday, July 21 to find out how you can cure your sweet tooth. Rachael Ray hosts an expert who says he can help you banish your sugar cravings in just three days!

Plus, learn about the sugars you don’t even realize you’re eating. Many breads, cereals, and even low-fat diet foods are packed can hide loads of lurking sugar.


Christina’s Prom Night on Rachael Ray

Christina from Rachael RayHave you been following Christina’s story on the Rachael Ray Show? Then be sure not to miss today’s episode, for the emotional finale of one girl’s quest to lose weight, gain confidence and start a healthier life.

Christina is a high schooler whose goal this school year was to lose 70 pounds by her prom night. She experienced a lot of ups and downs on her 10-month journey, but did she reach her goal? See Christina’s big night and hear her take on the whole experience.

Also on today’s episode, Rachael Ray will get a surfing lesson from guest Katie Lee. This fun form of exercise can really burn calories–especially if you’re laughing while you’re at it!


Bob Greene’s Age-Defying Plan on Rachael Ray

The Rachael Ray ShowTune in to the Rachael Ray show on Thursday, May 19th for lots of tips on looking younger. Bob Greene, Oprah’s trainer and the creator of Best Life, will return to the show to share a four-step plan that can help viewers look 20 years younger. He’ll also be sharing some of his thoughts about the last season of The Oprah Show.

Bob Greene has created a range of diet and fitness products, and is also the author of Total Body Makeover and The Life You Want.

Also on Thursday’s show, Rachael will be sharing a great meal planner that can help you get everything you need for a whole week’s worth of meals. We think this can be a great tool, because you will be much more likely to eat healthy when you have a plan in place.


Rachael Ray’s Healthy Meals on a Budget on Dr. Oz

The Dr. Oz ShowWe can’t help but notice that Dr. Oz and Rachael Ray are doing a guest swap this week. First, tune in to Dr. Oz today, May 9th for Rachael Ray’s advice on delicious, healthy meals on a budget. Then on Friday, May 13 check out the Rachael Ray for Dr. Oz’s 7-minute workout that will help you shed pounds.

On Monday’s show, Rachael Ray will help viewers eat better for less and tips for avoiding food packaging gimmicks. Rachel share the best tips to avoid getting fooled by labels. She’ll cook up a recipe for a low-fat version of one of her signature pasta dishes, but this time with lots of protein, fiber and (best of all) flavor. Also, find out the healthy dish that you can make for less that two dollars.