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Scouting Calories for Charity: Girl Scout Cookies vs. Boy Scout Popcorn

Trail's End PopcornThe Boy Scouts and Girls Scouts teach children a lot of noble life lessons, but unfortunately their practice of using high-calorie snacks for fundraiser no longer seems noble in a nation facing an unprecedented childhood obesity crisis. It’s easy to pick apart the Girl Scout cookies for their inherently high levels of sugar and fat, but a closer look at the Trail’s End snacks sold to support the Boy Scouts shows they are little better.

On the FAQ page of the Trail’s End website, there is a discussion of the health benefits of popcorn, which is a whole grain. However, the amount of added sodium, sugar and fat in the Trail’s End products pretty much negate this one healthy aspect. For example, the ingredients list on the Classic Carmel Corn reveals that three forms of sugar precede the actual popcorn. Also of concern are the artificial flavors and colors found in a number of these products. The nuts found in the trail mix may offer some real nutrients as a snack, but again the 10 grams of sugar show’s there’s an awful lot of candy.

Below is a quick look at some of the most popular Girl Scout Cookies and Trail’s End Snacks.

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Celebrate Grilling Season with Healthy Substitutions

It’s that time of year – time to break out the barbecue and invite your friends and neighbors over for a cookout. Spring and summer are prime time for great food, good friends – and great food to celebrate the warm weather.

Of course, we all know that with summer on the horizon, bathing suit season is just around the corner. Don’t undo all of the hard work you’ve done at the gym this year.  To keep your diet balanced, celebrity nutritionist Carl Germano, RD, CDN, shared five simple swaps to keep you eating great tasting foods – and looking and feeling great.

Instead of: Beef Burger or Sliders with Cheese

Try: Turkey Sliders with sliced tomato

Ground turkey breast is leaner than most types of ground beef and sliced tomato will offer a powerful punch of lycopene – without the saturated fat in most cheeses. If you must have cheese, try a sprinkling of feta, which is lower in fat and calories than most varieties.

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Answers to The 17 Day Diet Frequently Asked Questions, with Dr. Mike Moreno

The hottest diet of the year is without a doubt The 17 Day Diet by Dr. Mike Moreno. The original self-published book couldn’t keep up with the demands generated by endorsements from Dr. Phil and The Doctors. Earlier this month, Dr. Mike Moreno republished through Simon and Schuster and The 17 Day Diet is now available through national booksellers.

Since November when the book debuted, many questions have been asked by followers of the diet and by those considering the diet. We sat down with Dr. Mike to clarify the most commonly asked questions by our readers.

Here are your questions about The 17 Day Diet, and Dr. Mike’s answers:

Is The 17 Day Diet Appropriate for Diabetics?

“Absolutely, it’s a diabetic’s best friend,” whether type 1 or type 2, diabetics will realize weight loss.
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Best and Worst Movie Theater Snacks

Nothing is more thrilling than sitting down in a cushy movie theater seat anxiously awaiting to see your must-see flick on the big screen. Most of us go to the movies on the weekend, and weekends frequently transform into two-day splurges that sabotage our well-intentioned healthy eating efforts of the week prior.

The movie theater is where our food demons tempt us to fall for the buttered popcorn and Goobers. But movies and snacking do not need to be so traumatic.

Before the weekend hits, read on to find out which of your devilish movie snacks are best left behind the concessions counter and which ones you can peacefully nosh on.
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Sony Pictures CEO Calls for Healthier Snacks in Movie Theaters

I’m a pretty hardcore movie fan. When I’m in a groove, I’m watching 2-3 movies a week. But, this is almost always in the comfort of my living room. My wife and I splurged a few years ago on a nice home theater system, and it’s paid off in so many entertaining hours of movie nights, not to mention NFL Sundays for me.

Needless to say, I am rarely tempted by the junk food that populates movie theater lobbies. With the exception of Avatar a few weeks back, I don’t recall the last movie I’ve seen in theaters. But, for the millions of others who make their local cineplexes a regular destination, they may – or may not – crave a few healthier options to choose from. From my perspective, if I’m going to fork over $12 on a drink and some popcorn, I’d prefer something not just a little healthier, but more substantial.

Theaters have made a point of adding more food items to their menus in the last 5-10 years, but the choices are still usually not much to write home about. Well, health food advocates have a Hollywood heavyweight in their corner now. Michael Lynton, chairman and chief executive officer for Sony Pictures, is calling on movie theaters to offer healthier snacks as a way to fight obesity, not to mention give moviegoers more food choices.
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