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A Beginner’s Guide to Plyometrics

Plyometrics are a specific and intense type of exercise designed to produce fast and explosive movements usually to improve athletic performance for sports.

Plyometrics, or jump training, is a unique form of training because unlike traditional resistance training where reps are slow and methodical, the muscle is loaded, usually with your own body weight, and then contracted rapidly, to not only build muscle, but increase strength, elasticity and reaction time so you can jump higher and run faster.


Best Exercises for a Sexier Booty

It’s summer time, and with the hot weather, there’s no hiding a saggy tush. Toning and tightening your glutes is the only way to give your butt the lift it needs and lessen the appearance cellulite (which we can all use.) Here are your top three exercises to create a shapely backside you’ll be proud to show off in your teeny bikini:

Jump Lunges Adding plyometrics, or jumping, to your standard lunges will increase the blood flow to your working muscles by 25 percent, which helps fuel your muscles and power your metabolism, giving you greater results in less time. Start in a lunge position, left leg forward, hands on hips, both knees at 90 degree angles. Push off from your front heel, propelling your body into the air. In mid-air, switch your feet so your right leg is now in front. Land with soft knees and slowly lower back into a lunge, both knees at 90 degrees. Repeat, performing 8-10 lunges on each leg. (more…)

The P90X Workout Improves Overall Fitness and Muscle Tone

P90XThe P90X system is a 90-day fitness program designed for you to lose weight and firm your body. It consists of 12 muscle pumping workouts, three-phase nutrition plan, detailed fitness guide, and online peer support.

The secret to the success of the P90X program is “muscle confusion.” Most people often make the mistake of getting stuck in the same workout routine for several months at a time. P90X breaks each muscle group down throughout each of the 12, hour-long, workout videos. Each video targets different parts of the body, which does not allow the body to adapt to specific workouts. So, if your goal is to increase muscle tone, improve your overall fitness and cardiovascular endurance, and are willing to devote some time and energy, then the P90X Training System is the perfect workout program for you. (more…)

Top 5 Simple Plyometric Exercises

plyometricsPlyometrics are generally used as a sport specific type of training. This type of exercise consists of fast powerful movements and muscle contractions to increase speed, power, strength, flexibility, and improving overall performance. The muscle is loaded with an eccentric (lengthening) action, followed immediately by a concentric (shortening) action. Plyometric exercise is used in almost every sport. This is a great way to incorporate a new routine into your program if needed.

Top 5 Simple Plyometric Exercises

1. Cable Squat Jump– Good for total body strength and endurance: 3 sets of 20

2. Medicine Ball Chest Pass– Good for upper body power, explosion, and endurance: 3 sets of 20 to 30

3. Squat Medicine Ball Side Throw– Good for lower/lower body endurance and core strength: 3 sets of 20

4. Vertical Jump With Arms In Air– Good for total body explosion and endurance: 3 sets of 20 to 30

5. Medicine Ball Toss Sit-Ups With Rotation– Good for core strength and endurance: 3 sets of 20 to 30

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