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Healthy Recipe Making on the OWN Network

Tune in this Wednesday, January 19 to Oprah’s OWN Network to learn healthy tricks of the trade from some of Oprah’s favorite chefs.

On Cristina Ferrare’s Big Bowl of Love, you’ll get to explore how to find hidden health in recipes like low calorie pizza, turkey cheeseburgersand tequila-lime shrimp. Oprah’s beloved Chef Art Smith will be showing you how to turn decadent and calorie-laden foods like pizza and burgers into tantalizing creations that are as delicious as they are healthy. (more…)

Healthy Friday Night Habits Will Keep You on Track All Weekend

Friday night, for some, is an evening of indulgence. After a long work week it’s tempting to reward yourself for the hard work of the previous week while celebrating the two days ahead of sleeping in and enjoying your free time.

Instead of making a habit of indulging in a high-calorie dinner and fattening desserts on Friday evenings,  celebrate the end of the week by treating yourself to a nutritious dinner. Your body will thank you later.


Health-ify Your Favorite Pizza Without Sacrificing Flavor

Pizza has a reputation for being nutritionally unsavory: between its thick layer of dough, pounds of mozzarella cheese and a pile of greasy sausage or pepperoni, pizza is high in taste, but also delivers a whopping amount of calories and artery-clogging saturated fat.

While one slice of Pizzeria Uno’s Chicago Classic Pizza will cost you 770 calories and 55 grams of fat, pizza doesn’t necessarily have to derail your diet. Whether you make pizza at home or you have the local take-out joint on speed dial, you can slim down your deep dish with a few tips that will help health-ify your order. (more…)

Cyclist Promotes Pizza as Health Food and Bikes From Florida to NYC

Matt McClellan and his pizza diet. Image Via: The Consumerist

Who doesn’t love pizza? If you add tons of veggies, limit the cheese and meat toppings, and make the pie from a whole-grain crust, then you have yourself a health food. Kind of.

Cyclist and Florida pizzeria owner Matt McClellan is setting out to prove that pizza can in fact be a healthy choice by biking from St. Petersburg to New York City. And for the 30 days of his trek, he will eat nothing but pizza.

McClellan actually did the 30-Day Pizza Diet a few years ago and lost 24 pounds. On the diet, he ate nothing but pizza, up to eight slices a day, and limited his toppings to veggies, part-skim mozzarella cheese and a few other select items like lean chicken breast, pineapple and avocado. Pork, red meats and extra cheese were off limits. (more…)

Nutrition that Nurtures: Healthy Eating from the Inside Out

bernie-salazar-and-rebecca-scritchfieldThis guest blog comes from Rebecca Scritchfield, MA, RD, ACSM HFS, a Washington, D.C. based dietitian and weight management expert. Together with Bernie Salazar, at-home winner of The Biggest Loser, she co-created “The Nurture Principles” – Five mantras to help people change their lives and find wellness within.

What sounds better, restrictive dieting or nourishing yourself for lasting health? Think about it. There are so many diets out there based on restriction. People diet to get healthier. It’s no wonder “healthy” has a negative connotation. But dieting and health are not synonymous. Healthy eating is all about taste, pleasure, and satisfaction! If this approach is more your speed, learn how you can nurture yourself and manage your weight at the same time.  (more…)

Pizza Not a Diet Death Sentence

Pizza is often the worst thing you can eat. But there are options that can make that pie a decent dietary option.healthy pizza

I’ve recently taken to making homemade pizza. Sure, it saves a little money as opposed to ordering takeout, but I also have fun kneading the dough and spreading the toppings myself. I’ve yet to graduate to throwing the dough in the air, which could be pretty scary stuff.

I’m not hear to tell you that what I make is the ultimate health food. I try my best to mimic a secret family recipe that has a sweet flakey pie-like crust (it remains under lock and key, no matter how hard we try to pry). But, I’m not so sure it’s altogether unhealthy either. I make it with a super thin crust, and I load it up with tons of mushrooms and chopped green peppers. And I go fairly easy on the cheese. There’s little to complain about. (more…)

Chuck E Cheese is Great for Kids Fitness, Not Nutrition

Two of the main reasons why the childhood obesity rates in this country are soaring is the easy accessibility to high-fat, high-sugar convenience food and lack of exercise. Gone are the days of little kids playing outside for hours after school until mom calls for dinner. With the exception of a weekly after-school activity like soccer or dance, most kids go from sitting all day in school to sitting in front of their computers or televisions.

chuck e cheese birthday

So when it’s time to celebrate your child’s birthday, Chuck E Cheese fares pretty well when it comes to promoting activity. Their games and attractions get kids moving, running around and best of all having fun. But when it comes to their pizza, you can make some wise options or some not-so-wise options.

While pizza has been coined a healthy kind of “junk food,” it can also be a huge nutritional disaster if you order extra cheese, opt for deep dish and double up on high-fat meats. (more…)

TiVo and Domino’s Introduce a New TV Dinner

Many things can make you fat. Watching TV is one of them. But it’s not just watching the boob tube that will make you rotund. Now you can order pizza right from the screen!

“Honey, will you turn on the TV and order us a pizza?”

I bet those are words you would have never thought to put together. But now that a deal has been struck between TiVo and Domino’s Pizza, you may hear them soon. This comes from the press release that accompanied the announcement that you will be able to order pizza through your TiVo box:

We are confident that teaming with TiVo on this novel, easy, and convenient way to order pizza right from the TV will be very well received by our customers,” says Rob Weisberg, vice president of precision and print marketing at Domino’s Pizza.

This is the first step in the future of customer interactions with the brands they seek to engage with and buy from. This is the first time in history that the ‘on-demand’ generation will be able to fully experience couch commerce by ordering pizza directly through their television set.

Strike one up for convenience. I’m not going to pretend this is altogether bad. But what’s next? A remote control fork programmed to feed you?

Barack Obama Pizza Burger Recipe

Burgers are probably not a part of Barack Obama’s diet, considering all the veggies and nuts he enjoys eating. That didn’t stop Food Network from creating a pizza burger recipe in his name, that they think suits this Chicago candidate’s style.

Knowing that the Democratic candidate prefers a lean, nutritious diet and is very physically fit, it’s hard to imagine him chowing down on one of these burgers. The nutrition facts are astonishing: 1246 calories, 88.5g fat, 260mg cholesterol, 1340mg sodium, 53.6g carbs, 2.1g fiber, 4.7g sugar, 60.6g protein, not to mention nearly 32 WW Points. Whoa! That’s nearly two double Quarter Pounders with cheese from McDonald’s.

We’re certainly not condoning this as a “healthy” recipe. It sounds delicious, and the novelty of a Barack Obama burger could certainly be a fun entree at an election watch party. So we have some suggestions to reduce the fat and calories in this, or any burger. (more…)