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The 3 Most Important Habits to Break if You Want to Lose Weight

Rebecca Wilson practices cognitive & mindfulness-based therapies and researches health psychology and behavior change. Her website, habitspark.com, focuses on how to use positive habits to create healthy and happy lifestyles.

First of all, what exactly is a habit? A habit is a behavior that you do so regularly that it becomes almost automatic. Although many habits are good, like brushing your teeth, some habits are devastating to a healthy lifestyle and weight control. Here are the 3 worst habits and how to break them:

Bad Habit #1: Eating mindlessly. Eating on the run, eating without paying attention to your hunger signals, and eating to escape painful feelings.

Break It: Replace eating mindlessly with eating mindfully. Eat at a dining table and make sure you aren’t doing anything else while you are eating. Before you start eating, notice your hunger level. As you eat, pay attention to your senses: the taste of the food, the feel of it, the smell, and how it looks.


Garmin Forerunner is a Stroke of Genius

Every phase of life has some tool or product that could make it better. For me right now, since I am training for a marathon, my focus is running. I have found some great tools to help me in this and one of my favorites happens to be a Garmin.

Watch now as I explain what the Garmin Forerunner is and why it’s now a part of my fitness regimen.


Healthy Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Father’s Day is fast approaching. Do you just have no idea what to get the man in your life? Skip the neckties and dress socks, and consider some of these cool and healthy Father’s Day gift ideas:

1. Vegetarian Grilling Cookbook – It’s unfair, but a fact: manliness is associated with being a carnivore. But tell that to 6′ 5″, 250-pound NFL tight end Tony Gonzalez, or the heavyweight slugger Prince Fielder of the Milwaukee Brewers.


Adidas miCoach Fitness Gadget Offers Virtual Personal Trainer

adidas micoachThe Adidas miCoach (pronounced “My Coach”) has the features that many pedometers offer. It has a stride sensor that keeps track of your running pace, distance, and heart rate. There’s also an interface at micoach.com to input your fitness goals.

What sets miCoach apart is that Adidas is marketing it like a personal trainer. That’s because it has an audio feedback feature to help you keep track of your workouts. The real-time audio feedback gives you a virtual kick in the butt if you are lagging, so if you are off your pace you will know to pick it up. It’s also compatible to all MP3 players, so you can listen to music and still get the audio feedback. (more…)

Essentials for Runners: Google Map Pedometer and MapMyRun

runnersSo, today was an interesting day. For the first time since my first of two difficult-to-heal injuries – I ran. And it was truly a pathetic thing. A humbling spot, and one I never imagined I’d find myself in again. After all, I’ve run several 5Ks, a few 8Ks, one 10K and a very memorable and torturous half marathon. I’ve been a runner for quite a while. I wasn’t always a runner, though – when I first began my weight loss journey, I couldn’t even walk around the block without stopping to catch my breath. (And cry – but we can just pretend that we never spoke about that, OK? Keep it just between the two of us.) I started walking a block at a time, added a small distance every couple of days, and one day, found I was covering more than seven miles. I could either walk further or start running, so I started running. And until I injured myself, I ran just about every day. (more…)