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January 28 is National Blueberry Pancake Day

Pancakes might be delicious, but they aren’t usually billed as one of the most nutritious foods. You can up the health value of your favorite flapjacks by using wheat flour instead of white flour and today, National Blueberry Pancake Day, add some berries for an extra nutrient boost.

While most of us love to eat pancakes, many of us aren’t quite sure how to cook them with prowess.

The first step is choosing the right equipment. The key to a perfect pancake? The pan. Choose a pan that has an advanced nonstick surface that is durable and metal utensil safe, so foods that are prone to sticking, like pancakes, easily slide off, even when little or no butter or oil is used.

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Dunkin’ Donuts Puts Meat in Your Muchkin

meat muchkinDunkin’ Donuts announced last week that they will be offering a new twist on their popular mini-doughnuts: the Pancake Bite. Each Pancake Bite contains a small ball of sausage wrapped in a maple-flavored “pancake” coating. This “breakfast snack” is being promoted as a “poppable” and convenient way to enjoy a pancake and sausage breakfast without the effort of cooking it, or even sitting down as a table. “You can take with you on the go, in the car, at work or any time day or night,” said Dunkin’ Brands’ Executive Chef Stan Frankenthaler in the press release.

First of all, the idea of a “breakfast snack” already spells out diet disaster. The name implies that you’ll be snacking on Pancake Bites after you’ve already eaten your morning meal. Plus, “eating on the go” is less likely to leave you feeling full and satisfied, and more likely to consume additional calories.

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