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Free Access to Nutrisystem’s All-New Community Site Now Available

nutrisystem with food in backgroundNutrisystem is relaunching their community web site to better meet the needs of dieters. Nutrisystem doesn’t want to make its customers feel like there is a one-size-fits-all approach to losing weight, and the community offers a place for dieters to have a personal and customized experience and meet other dieters.

The Nutrisystem community redesign is focused on the dieter and many of the changes were made through the direct suggestion of members, including the names of certain sections. The site is free for the first time ever and offers three different levels of 24/7 access. As a guest you will be able to read content, dining out and grocery guides, message boards and member pages without having to enter any personal information. For more extensive access to the site, including interacting with other members, you simply register and become a Nutrisystem member, which is also free. The VIP membership level is available to those who are on a Nutrisystem program. This membership option offers access to all of the content on the web site as well as tracking tools designed to help you through your weight loss journey. (more…)

Retrofit Offers a Long-Term Approach to Weight Loss Maintenance [GIVEAWAY]

All too often in the weight loss industry, companies stay in business because of their clients’ failures. Many programs are effective at helping their clients lose weight, however, they don’t help them maintain the loss in the long term and benefit from returning clients.

retrofit weight loss programRetrofit offers a very different kind of service, one that’s geared to help you maintain your goal weight as much as it is designed to help you get there. That’s only one of the many advantages Retrofit offers clients in its 12-month plan. It combines the convenience of an online diet with the best expert advice and personal attention of a weight loss clinic. Unlike many online programs that simply supply users with meal plans and workouts but no personal interaction, Retrofit provides each client with a team of wellness experts.

This team of experts makes up the core of the Retrofit experience, and consists of a registered dietitian, an exercise physiologist and a behavior coach. “They’re the most educated team out there,” says Kim Evenson CMO at Retrofit. She adds that compensations is based on their ability to help clients reach their goals by the end of the year. You will meet with each member of the team during scheduled video conferences, but they are also always available if clients have additional questions. They will help you craft a weight loss plan that’s totally based on your needs and that can work with the realities of your lifestyle. Additionally, there’s a program adviser who “functions like your admin,” explains Evenson. “That person is with you from day one through the very end of the program.”


Atkins.com Relaunches With More Resources for Atkins Diet Users

The Atkins Diet has been around for more than 30 years and maintains a strong following. On the diet you’ll adopt a lifestyle of eating that is low in carbohydrates and high in protein and vegetables. While always available via books, now those who want to try the program can have free access to the Atkins Community.

The Atkins Community is a web site that allows you to customize your meal plans, set your weight loss goals, calculate your current BMI, and communicate with other dieters. Those who sign up can also receive a free copy of the book The New Atkins for a New You. The program, along with the free access to the web site, gives access to some extra support while you work towards your weight loss goals. There are still four stages to the Atkins weight loss program, but there have been some changes made so that it is healthier, more simplified, and with more emphasis on maintenance. (more…)

Beyond Diet is a No-Frills Approach to Weight Loss

Research has shown that online diet programs are a highly effective way to lose weight. Whether it’s the convenience, tools, or accountability and motivation related to an online weight loss community, it works… as long as you are willing to put in the effort.

Beyond Diet is yet another online weight loss program. While there doesn’t seem to be a particularly new or innovative approach with the Beyond diet, what they do have is plenty of helpful features for its users.

For instance, there’s the “Ask a Question” section where you and other members simply type in a question which is answered by a team of certified coaches who will give insightful answers. You can see other people’s questions as well, which is handy. Not to mention other members can chime in with their experience to provide inspiration. (more…)

DietGuru Is a New Online Customized Diet Plan

Creator of DietGuru

John Spencer Ellis

Another player has entered the field of online weight-loss plans. Created by Dr. John Spencer Ellis, DietGuru.com is a diet program that’s advertising customized diet and meal plans for as little as 33 cents per day, which uses a system that is designed to help you reach your goals using a great deal of your input. This system aims to educate the user not only about eating the right number of calories, but also about getting the right balance of macro-nutrients. The site also provides tools to help you track your food choices, and will suggest meals and snacks that will correct any daily vitamin or nutrients deficiencies for the day.

Dr. Ellis is a fitness and wellness expert who holds a doctorate in education. He has had a life-long passion for fitness, and is the CEO of the National Exercise & Sports Trainers Association, the International Triathlon Coaching Association and the Spencer Institute for Life Coaching. He has also created a number of fitness programs, most notably Adventure Boot Camp.