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Coughing: What Does it Mean?

This story on was of particular importance to me, because I have coughing issues. I’ve been diagnosed with mild asthma and possibly an allergy of some sort. It’s a life-altering condition, because when a cough attack comes on, it can be uncontrollable and breathtaking, in the most literal sense.

Not to get too much into my psyche and the opinion I have of HMOs, doctors, etc., but I definitely want to be treated and diagnosed by specialists. I just feel like the diagnosis is based on very minimal inquiry. I got a breathing test to see what my lung capacity is, a steth0scope to the chest and back, and that’s it.

Maybe that’s all that can be done. But, I feel like the docs are just sort of guessing based on minimal testing and then treating symptoms with a pill. Again, maybe that’s all that can be done. But if there’s a natural way of treating it (like avoiding something I may be allergic to) or even an alternative like acupuncture, I’m game.

Does Turkey Make You Sleepy?

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! I know that most nutritionists would tell you to not overdo it on Turkey Day. But, I’m of the opinion that it’s OK to let loose once in a while. So, enjoy seconds of that juicy turkey. has an article that addresses the notion that turkey makes us sleepy. Does tryptophan really make you tired? It may be more about how much you’re eating than anything.