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Money Hungry Finds Temptation in Snookie’s Cookies

I remember it like it was yesterday. After the pool challenge I said to my partner, “I wonder when we are going to have an eating/strategy challenge.” Next thing you know, it is upon us! I’m jumping right to the challenge this week because a lot of the stuff from before in the episode (i.e. all of the family alliance teams being lazy) was just utter crap. Aside from one or two individuals, the family alliance was in the gym hardcore this, and every week. In fact, I ran a boxing circuit class for the family alliance in the time period of this episode of Money Hungry! (more…)

Immunity up for Grabs in Money Hungry Episode 4 Recap

This week on Money Hungry, things in the house were tense! Mission Slimpossible was on a rampage, upset at the Regulators that they did not vote with them. There was talk of a potential alliance between the two teams, but knowing Regulators I don’t believe that there was ever anything there more than the Regulators telling Slimpossible what they needed to hear. (more…)

Money Hungry’s Chubby Chasers Game in Episode 3 Recap

Welcome to another installment of “As the World Tur….” Wait, wrong show? Oh yeah, Vh1’s Money Hungry! This week in the house things got heated from the get go.

Back from the elimination the other teams quickly figure out that it was Team No Excuses who changed our votes last week to try and backdoor team Grading Curves.

Because the house is so split this week, the challenge becomes greatly important. The challenged, called “Chubby Chasers,” is essentially a circular race track placed within a bull riding ring. Inside the track are five big ramps that you must run up and over, on your way to catching the team ahead of you. (more…)

Money Hungry Gets Down to Game Play in Episode 2 Recap

As the second episode of Money Hungry begins, we see quite a few of the contestants exercising and singing a little song. We hear about how well everyone is getting along and how tight the house is – talk about foreshadowing.

Watch the full recap video to hear my take on everything that happened in this episode, including the low-down on my crush on Jamie!


Money Hungry Premiere Recap with Contestant Josh Graston

Welcome to the premiere episode of Vh1’s Money Hungry. My name is Josh Graston, and I’m one of the show’s contestants from the Team No Excuses and I will be your guide in this exclusive journey into the world of Bet Dieting. So, with no further adieu, I welcome you to VH1’s Money Hungry.

At the very start of the episode we see the bus loaded with all of the cast trying to make it up the driveway, and our driver Jimmy informing us that we were going to have to walk up the driveway. The cameras did not do the driveway justice, I am here to tell you it was quite steep.

Next we meet our host Dan Cortese. I was genuinely excited that we had a host that I actually recognized, although I kind of wanted a female host. Dan explains the way that our $10,000 entry fee for the show works. The final two teams each receive their entry fee back, with the winning team taking home EVERYONE else’s money, for a grand total of $100,000. Right before we head into the house Dan tells us if we break anything we own it, foreshadowing at its best.

Quickly Kaitlyn and Phillip get the party started with bodyshots, giving us our first glimpse at the amazing sound effects featured on the show. Dan Cortese shows up shortly after and we meet each of the teams and find out their team names.

Money Hungry Teams and Contestants: (more…)