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Michelle Aguilar, Season 6 Biggest Loser Champion

UPDATED: Watch now – DietsInReview.com interview with Michelle Aguilar at the Biggset Loser Season 6 Finale.

Apparently it pays to think pink at the Biggest Loser ranch. It pays $250,000 in fact. Tonight, Michelle Aguilar stepped on the daunting scale one final time and walked off a winner. She lost a total of 110 pounds, beating out rivals Ed and Vicky. She became the second female Biggest Loser, and the second winner in a row to sport the pink tee. Michelle said she wore black longer though, and that’s why she appeared at the finale wearing trainer Jillian’s color.

Congratulations to Michelle on such a hard-earned accomplishment. We wish you much success in your journey.

Listen to our Interview with Bernie Salazar interviewing Michelle Aguilar Biggest Loser Season 6 Winner below:

Interview with Renee Wilson, Eliminated Biggest Loser Week 11

Ask Renee Wilson what her tip is for working out and she has one word for you, “cardio, cardio, cardio!” She says it’s what works for her and that you must keep your body moving and stay active. Like many of us, since returning home she works a job eight to ten hours a day and has to fit in time to hit the gym. She reminds herself of the goal constantly to stay motivated to workout two to four hours every day.

Renee came on to Biggest Loser: Families with daughter Michelle, who she’d been estranged from for five years prior to being chosen for the show. Renee says she’d just given up on her self and kept gaining weight little-by-little after her divorce from Michelle’s dad. She also used “getting older” as an excuse until one day she realized she’d gained 50 pounds and couldn’t figure out how she’d gotten there. She was seriously considering gastric bypass surgery and had made the decision to do so, when the phone rang. It was Michelle, inviting her to be her teammate on Biggest Loser.

She said it was time to “put action to my words. Wishing wouldn’t get me anywhere.” (more…)

Biggest Loser 6: Michelle Aguilar

UPDATED: Watch now – DietsInReview.com interview with the BIGGEST LOSER WINNER Michelle Aguilar at the Biggset Loser Season 6 Finale.

Michelle Aguilar is the daughter-half of the Pink team, with mother Renee Wilson, in Biggest Loser: Families.


michelle aguilar

Age 26

Hometown Ft. Worth, TX

Occupation Assistant Director

Biggest Loser: Families teammate Renee Wilson, Mother

Team Color Pink / Black

Trainer Jillian Michaels

Starting Weight 242

Final Weight 132

Total Loss -110

Percent Lost 45.45


  • Estranged from mother/teammate for six years prior to Biggest Loser
  • During health screening, found her real age is 26; health age is 41
  • Considered leaving game voluntarily week 5, decided to stay
  • Biggest Loser of the Week, week 5
  • Finalist!


  • “When we all just surrender to what it is we’re supposed to do, I think life happens around you and you have to go with it.” – Week 5


Other spellings: Michele, Mishelle, Micheal, Michel, Mashel, Mishel, Aguliar, Aguar, Aguillar, Aguillara, Aguear

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Congratulations Michelle, you are truly an inspiration to so many, as for all you “Biggest Loser” viewers be sure to tune in to Season 7 on January 6.

Listen to our Interview with Michelle Aguilar Biggest Loser Season 6 Winner below:

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