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Tune In: Biggest Loser Winner Michelle Aguilar on the Rachael Ray Show

michelle-aguilar-biggest-loser1Tune in to the Rachael Ray Show on Tuesday, June 2 when Biggest Loser winner Michelle Aguilar helps a woman who lost 155 pounds following gastric bypass surgery shop for a wardrobe that fits her new sleek physique.

Denise, a mother of two, once topped the scales at 335 pounds. Now having loss half her body weight and after successfully completing two half-marathons, she is still clinging on to wearing some of her larger-sized clothing. (more…)

Coleen’s Biggest Loser Recap 7-13

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The Biggest Loser’s Season 5 winner, Ali Vincent dropped by the gym on tonight’s show to tell the contestants that Alison Sweeney had to step out for a minute… to have her baby that is! As Alison welcomed her bundle of joy, the contestants welcomed a few of their former competitors, eliminated contestants David, Estella and Nicole. (more…)

Coleen and other Biggest Losers on Larry King Live

Larry King got some love from some of Biggest Losers’ favorite contestants last night, including our very own Coleen Skeabeck! The evening talk show welcomed trainers Bob and Jillian into the studio to discuss their views on the contestants and the work they do. Larry even asked about the fit Bob throws on tonight’s episode of Biggest Loser.

Biggest Loser trainers Jillian Michaels and Bob Harper

Biggest Loser trainers Jillian Michaels and Bob Harper

Coleen and her father Jerry were remote from Cleveland, and talked about how the show changed their lives. They both look fantastic, and talked about how they continue to manage their health. Of course, you can catch Coleen every week right here!

Larry also had live visits from recent winner Michelle and new fiance Micah, as well as season five winner Ali and her mom Bette-Sue. They also heard from season three winner Erik Chopin, who has gained back more than 100 pounds since his win. See the entire Larry King interview now.

Biggest Loser’s Michelle Aguilar Engaged

michelle aguilarIt’s one big win after another for the most recent winner of The Biggest Loser. Michelle Aguilar announced that she and boyfriend Micah Whitehead became engaged just days following the finale. She says she was “shocked” by the proposal that came just four months after their romance began. Since losing 110 pounds during the shows sixth season, she’s excited about shopping for a dress in a size 4 or 6.

“Before, you have that fear: ‘Hey, can you pull me a size 20?’ What girl wants to say that?” Michelle told US Weekly. The bride-to-be says she “absolutely” plans to use her recent $250,000 winnings as part of the spring or fall 2009 wedding.

Interview with Michelle Aguilar Biggest Loser Season 6 Winner

UPDATED: Watch now – DietsInReview.com interview with Michelle Aguilar at the Biggset Loser Season 6 Finale.

Michelle Aguilar with Jillian Michaels

Michelle Aguilar with Jillian Michaels

When talking with Michelle, season 6 winner of the Biggest Loser, one word repeatedly came to mind, “Incredible.” At finale she looked absolutely gorgeous, however I wanted to get at more than just her physical beauty, I instead wanted to focus on her inner strength. For those of us that religiously followed the show, we were able to see her inner strength gradually come out.

Having experienced the Biggest Loser first hand, I wanted to see how her experience transformed her mentally and emotionally. During our conversation she shared some really insightful things that the everyday viewer doesn’t always get a chance to hear, things like; how relationships in her life have changed, tips for maintaining her new found health, her future goals and endeavors, her relationship with Jillian and the Black Team, and most importantly her “Life Long Resolution”.

Congratulations Michelle, you are truly an inspiration to so many, as for all you “Biggest Loser” viewers be sure to tune in to Season 7 on January 6.

Listen to our Interview with Michelle Aguilar Biggest Loser Season 6 Winner below: