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Men’s Health Editor David Zinczenko on Rachael Ray

Rachael RayTune in this Tuesday, March 1, to Rachael Ray for the behind-the-scenes of your favorite magazine columns. The guests will include David Zinczenko, the editor-in-chief of Men’s Health. Zinczenko is the author of the Eat This, Not That books and is one of the creators of The Abs Diet.

Zinczenko was recently criticized for re-publishing old Men’s Health articles under his own name, but we doubt that Rachael will be bringing that up on Tuesday’s show. Instead, he’ll be sharing a tips from Eat This, Not That. It may make you reconsider some of your favorite foods. Plus, get a great recipe for chicken with oranges macron almond rice.

Check your local listings for show times.

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Healthy Buzz: Sarah Palin’s Cookie Gate, Truth About McRib and 2011 Fitness Trends

Sarah Palin Bashes Healthy Snacks

It’s being called “cookie gate” as the former Alaskan governor mocks efforts by Pennsylvania’s board of education to reduce childhood obesity.

The Real Origins of the McRib

We couldn’t make up this kind of food science experiment if we wanted to. Hear from McDonald’s exactly how this 500-calorie pop culture sandwich is made.

Use Your Body as Effective Fitness Equipment

Your body weight propels you through walking, swimming, yoga and so much more. Put that weight to work to really get the most out of your strength training workouts – no free weights needed!

Biggest Loser Dessert Cookbook Releases

Chef Devin Alexander, the book’s author, calls it the first all-natural dessert cookbook. Its pages are filled in guiltless indulgences inspired by the Biggest Loser diet.

The Secret

I’m the best at keeping secrets. All my friends know this, and so I’m the first one that they come running to with some juicy gossip. But sometimes, I need to share. Not just for me, but for your benefit too.

The editor-in-chief of Men’s Health magazine, has a new book out that goes deep inside the very secretive world of restaurant food. You will be amazed and disgusted and hopefully, motivated to make some better choices.

The book, titled “Eat This, Not That“, does a terrific job of showing you the differences between two commonplace food options. I also love the review of 9 typically “healthy” choices. Buy the book, and check it out for yourself!

A secret that I have to share though, is that as a former restaurant owner, it was our mission to inject so much fat into our foods, that you would feel as satisfied as a well-fed baby, and return to our restaurant again and again. How do we do that? Well, for one, we would use butters and oils that have higher than average saturation levels, which allows them to cook for longer at higher temperatures without burning. Yep, you heard me right. A tablespoon of restaurant oil has even more fat than the oil you use at home. We also would use cream in places you have never even heard of. Oh, and that asian vinaigrette that sounds so low-cal? Um, sorry, but we used Mayonnaise as the first ingredient.

So yes, better food choices start with full disclosure, and you, dear dining out consumer, have every right to ask to see the recipe.