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Do Skinnier Wives Make for Happier Marriages?

A recent study found that marriages tend to be more successful in unions where the wife is thinner than the husband. Many women will scoff at this theory but the study raises some interesting questions.

It’s unclear why relative weight plays such a large role in the happiness of a marriage. One theory is that women, coined the “fairer sex”, are expected to be dainty and small in order to be considered beautiful. Likewise, large and muscular men are projected to be powerful. When a woman appears small in relation to a man, it gives off an image of beauty versus power. However, if this theory holds up, then other factors could easily project power besides size. Career potential, education and personality can all be symbols of power for men. These can, in turn, foster feelings of security in women and fulfill both partners’ needs without projecting physical expectations.


Strained Marriages Have Worse Effect on Women’s Health

An article written on U.S. News & World Report online discussed a very interesting study that found an unhappy marriage had worse effects on women’s health than their male counterparts. angry couple

It’s well documented in research that men and women in “strained” marriages (characterized by chronic arguing and anger) are more likely to be depressed than happier partners/couples. Also, research indicates that women in these argumentative and anger-filled relationships are more likely to have high blood pressure, high cholesterol, high blood sugar (also known as indicators of Metabolic Syndrome, which is a big leader of various chronic diseases), which increases their likelihood of heart disease. (more…)