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Top Five Benefits of Cycling by Mari Holden

Cyclist Mari Holden via

Cyclist Mari Holden via

In honor of May, which is National Cycling Month, DietsInReview guest blogger Mari Holden, a six-time National Champion, a 2000 Olympic Medalist, 2000 World Champion and the Co-Founder of VeloBetty Cycling for Women shares with us why we should all get out there this month and push the pedal. You can read more about Mari and her blog and at the VeloBetty Cycling for Women website.

1. Cycling is a low impact sport. For people who have problems with running, this is a perfect solution. It builds cardiovascular strength, muscular strength, and just plain old general fitness without any of the jarring that you get from impact sports. You can ride a bike no matter how old you are, and the age old adage is true. You never forget how to ride a bike.
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