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400 Calorie Fix Will be Re-Released on December 21st

The 400 Calorie Fix is a collection of recipes and dietary guidelines for weight loss. The number one rule in the book is, “Enjoy three or four 400 calorie meals… everyday… and don’t forget to snack!” Does it sound like your kind of diet? Perhaps it’s time to find out. For the last year, the book has been available only on its website but line up because it will be re-released everywhere on December 21st.

The book’s website claims that it will help you lose 11 pounds in two weeks by eating just about anything you want. The key to success with the 400 Calorie Fix is to eat 380-420 calories per meal (or snack) to keep your metabolism running at full speed. We know, for a fact, that calorie reduction is a great way to lose weight. This isn’t news to many of us, but for those of you who need an extra nudge to keep track of your calories and adapt your recipes, the 400 Calorie Fix may be just the thing! The book implements an easy-to-read star system for keeping track of nutritional content in each recipe.


America’s Silent Killer – Salt on The Doctors

Tune in this Wednesday, November 24 to The Doctors when the lid is blown off of America’s silent killer – salt.

On the show, you will learn how to take action and join the nationwide movement to Halt the Salt. Plus, The Doctors will reveal what  store bought foods contain the greatest amounts of sodium and you will also learn which of your favorite foods contain too much salt on restaurant menus. (more…)

Ideal Diet for Hepatitis C

Hepatitis C (HCV), a viral liver disease that leads to the inflammation of the liver, affects about 3.9 million Americans. Hepatitis C is a condition within a class of hepatitis diseases, considered the most serious and life-threatening of them all.

While there is medical treatment available for those with hepatitis that can delay the progress of the disease, diet is an important factor in keeping the person’s immune system strong and healthy.

A diet for a person with HCV is not that much different than a diet that is recommended for anyone who wants to stay fit, strong and maintain a healthy body weight.

Here are nutrition and health guidelines for a person with hepatitis C: (more…)

Busting Common Food Myths

With so much information at our fingertips from the news on TV and online, it can be overwhelming to try to distinguish fact from fiction. For example, how many times have you heard or been told that sugars are bad for you? Well, the truth is that not all sugars are bad. But, depending on your source you may have heard a different opinion. Let’s get started and bust six common food myths:

Myth: Eggs cause your cholesterol to rise.

Fact: Our bodies generate and create their own cholesterol, so rarely do we need any help with getting more or less through food and diet. Saturated fat and trans fat are the bad fats that impact our body’s cholesterol levels, leading them to rise above regulated levels. Eggs are rich in vitamins and minerals that are good for you and have a relatively small amount of saturated fat that, when eaten in moderation, should not cause any increase to cholesterol levels. Go ahead and keep eggs in your meals.

FDA to Reduce Salt in Your Food

According to a report by the Washington Post, the Food and Drug Administration is planning to require food manufacturers to reduce the salt levels found in their processed foods. The initiative’s goal is to gradually reduce salt intake over the coming years, which would adjust our palate to a low sodium diet.

While officials have not determined the future salt limits, the Post’s source says that the FDA would analyze the salt in thousands of foods, including spaghetti sauces, breads, and beverages.