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L.A. Unified School District Declines Help from Jamie Oliver

Watching every episode of Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution certainly sparked something in me to feed my children healthier meals. I have wished to have Oliver work in the school kitchens in my city, to help others see that the food choices they make for students have room for improvement. If that chance was offered to my city, I’d really hope that those in charge would accept the offer.

Not so for the Los Angeles Unified School District. They were offered a spot on the second season of The Food Revolution and turned it down.

Jamie Oliver’s first season of Food Revolution took on the city of Huntington, West Virginia, a city with the reputation for being “America’s Fattest City“. Oliver was met with criticism and outright hostility, although he was ultimately welcomed by those who were his biggest enemies. Now, in his second season, he has decided to take on the city of Los Angeles – the second largest city in America, and not just in population. It’s a great idea, except that the Unified School District wants no part of his plan.
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Ryan Kwanten’s Drunk Workout

True Blood's Ryan KwantenTrue Blood heartthrob Ryan Kwanten may have a hot bod, but we’re not sure we’d recommend all of his workout habits. He recently bragged to Men’s Health that he can still get in a good workout while intoxicated. “I’ve been known to turn up drunk at triathlons and do very well,” said the Australian actor in his interview for the November cover story. We don’t really need to tell you why that’s not a good idea, right?

The rest of Kwanten’s workout we can endorse. Once a professional triathlete, he says he works out for his own physical and mental wellness, not just to look good for a role.

“I’m very rarely in the gym. My workouts are predominately outside, in nature.” He prefers to run on mountain trails outside L.A. or bike and swim on the beach. Kwanten also recommends engaging in a variety of physical actives. “There’s a lot to be said for muscle confusion,” he says. “The moment you have monotony, your muscles can fall asleep. Variety makes you much more balanced.”

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Announcing: Season Two of Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution

Fans of Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution are looking forward to season 2 to start mid-season. Although offers very little information, it has been reported that they have ordered another six episodes for season 2 of Food Revolution, which recently won an Emmy for Outstanding Reality Show.

This season, Jamie will take on America’s second largest city, Los Angeles, California. The focus will include people of all ages in schools, offices, homes, and restaurants in L.A. Will the residents of Los Angeles respond differently to Jamie’s education about processed food and cooking lessons than the citizens of Huntington, West Virginia, who were offended by his ‘help’? L.A. certainly has a different reputation, but an obesity problem does exist in Los Angeles.

Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution from Fresh One and Ryan Seacrest Productions is loosely based on Jamie’s UK series, Jamie’s Ministry of Food and Jamie’s School Dinners, which helped reshape school food in Great Britain. Jamie is the author of several best-selling cookbooks, and his newest cookbook Jamie’s America: Easy Twists on Great American Classics and More! will be released by Hyperion in October.
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Best Gyms in Los Angeles

Los Angeles is a booming sprawling metropolis with about 17 million residents. No wonder traffic is horrible morning, day, and night.

The fitness business is going strong there, with thousands of personal trainers who are able to take advantage of the beaches, mountains, and amazing year-round weather to train outside of the gym setting. Although the majority of personal trainers freelance, others choose the gym setting to make a living.
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Best Places to Run in Los Angeles

biggest losers at runyon canyon

Former Biggest Loser contestants Bill Germanakos, Coleen Skeabeck and Dan Evans run Runyon Canyon with our senior editor Brandi Koskie. (photo by Bill Germanakos)

Over the next few weeks, I am going to cover the best places to run or walk in the nation. By best, I am talking about the safest and most scenic places that take your breath away while you enjoy your exercise. I am going to start with L.A. simply because I live there and I am familiar with the best trails and such.

First off, Griffith Park, is the nations largest inner-city park (surrounded by cities). Griffith Park consists of three golf courses, several trails, horseback riding, and plenty of room to play sports or picnic. Simply amazing!!
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