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Tune In: Lisa Lillien on The Doctors

Tune in this Friday, April 2 to The Doctors when Hungry Girl, Lisa Lillien drops by to share her tips for helping you make smarter choices at the grocery store.

The Hungry Girl constantly has her pulse on the latest in healthy food finds. She is also a whiz at creating recipe makeovers that turn your favorite decadent dishes into leaner and healthier eats. (more…)

Tune In: Hungry Girl Uncovers Dangerous Foods on Rachael Ray Show

lisa lillienTune in this Thursday, January 14 to the Rachael Ray Show when Lisa Lillien, aka, the Hungry Girl, reveals which supposedly healthy foods could be moving your scale in the wrong direction.

Lisa Lillien is an expert when it comes to not just creating delicious and calorie-conscious recipes from her bestselling books like the Hungry Girl’s 200 Under 200, but she also has her constant nutrition pulse on the latest in food finds and hidden calories in your favorite dishes.


Hungry Girl’s Healthy Holiday Tips

hungry girlWho doesn’t love the Hungry Girl? With bestselling books like Hungry Girl: Recipes and Survival Strategies for Guilt-Free Eating in the Real World and Hungry Girl: 200 Under 200, Lisa Lillien is one of the most creative and fun foodies who knows how to have her cake, low-fat of course, and eat it, too.

Just in time for the holidays, DietsInReview.com had a chance to talk with Lisa as she shared with us some of her tips for making the season fun, festive and healthy. She also gave us the scoop on her soon-to-be-released, Chew the Right Thing, a perfect guilt-free gift for the holidays.

Listen now to the audio of my conversation with Lisa, or continue reading the transcipt below.


Tune In: The Hungry Girl on Rachael Ray

lisa lillienTune in, this Tuesday, November 10 to the Rachael Ray Show to watch Hungry Girl Lisa Lillien give a healthy lunchroom lesson to schoolteachers.

Rather than noshing on Lunchables, bags of Fritos and reheated slices of last night’s deep-dish pizza, Lisa shows a group of hardworking teachers just how healthy their lunch box is. She also helps them make subtle adjustments to their noon-time meal to make it more healthy and nourishing so that they have the energy they need to face the afternoon with a classroom full of kids.


We Love New Fiber One Yoplait Yogurt and Coupon Giveaway

yoplait fiber one yogurtThis week, we love Yoplait’s new Fiber One yogurts. From Greek to non-fat and from fruit-on-the-bottom to probiotic, there is no shortage of yogurts lining grocery store dairy cases. And while yogurt is a DietsInReview.com favorite healthy food, we are particularly excited about this new line from the yogurt gurus at Yoplait.

Each small tub contains just 50 calories, zero fat, five grams of filling fiber (that’s 20 percent of your recommended daily amount), ten percent of your calcium needs, 15 percent of your Vitamin D needs and live active yogurt cultures. Plus, this new line of Fiber One yogurts is endorsed by best-selling author and food expert, Lisa Lillien, a.k.a. Hungry Girl.

Continue reading to learn how you can try it for free, and see more of our review. (more…)