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Healthy Recipes for Your Hanukkah Celebrations

Hanukkah might have already started, but luckily for everyone who celebrates, there is still almost a week left. That means six more nights of lighting the menorah, spinning the dreidel and digging in to your favorite healthy Hanukkah recipes.

Apple Cinnamon Fruit Dip: Some celebrate Hanukkah with jelly donuts called sufganiyot, but if you’re trying to make it through the holiday season without sacrificing a jeans size, opt for an apple cinnamon fruit dip that will take the edge off your taste for spicy sweets.

Apricot Souffles: Some people think it’s appropriate to indulge on a holiday, but when the holiday lasts eight days, ditching your diet can be detrimental. Stick with a lighter-for-you treat, such as an apricot souffle with less than 70 calories per serving.


Vegetarian for a Week Challenge – Day Two

We’ve made it into day two of our vegetarian for a week challenge, and so far so good. Yesterday seemed to go more smoothly than day one, mostly in that the feelings of hunger all day were absent.


Is Resistant Starch Nature’s Weight Loss Cure?

Legumes and lentils are good sources of resistant starch.

Legumes and lentils are good sources of resistant starch.

You’ve heard it before: Not all carbs are created equal. And never has this been more true than in the new findings surrounding resistant starch, a type of carbohydrate that has¬†produced promising results in helping to promote weight loss, improve digestion and keep insulin levels balanced.

We predict that headlines will soon be abuzz with the benefits of resistant starch, so to keep you a few bites ahead of the weight loss game, here is the skinny on this healthy nutrient. (more…)