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KFC and Moms Blasted for Using Bloggers’ Children to Sell New Kids Meals

It’s a very common practice amongst mom bloggers to accept products from companies to review or promote to their audiences. The bloggers get everything from candy bars to mattresses and vacations for free and the brands benefit because, for what is usually no more cost than samples of their product, they get a lot of highly influential publicity.

This weekend, some of those mom bloggers came under quite a bit of fire from their peers. Several moms were invited by Kentucky Fried Chicken to visit the restaurant’s headquarters in Louisville, Kentucky to learn about their new “healthy” kids meals and in turn promote them to their followers using #KFCKidsMeals on Twitter. That’s pretty standard, but where eyebrows raised on this publicity event was that the company invited the moms with their kids.

The health of our children is a hot button issue right now, and the #KFCKidsMeals hashtag was practically high jacked by moms condemning both KFC and the participating moms for subjecting their children to what is no better than chemically laden, nutritionally void food.

Leah Segedie, known best as @BookieBoo and the leader of Mamavation, was one of the moms on the outside of #KFCKidsMeals tweeting in. Any time you intersect kids and nutrition you’ll find Leah, and this campaign was no different.

“I basically took control of it to make sure it was done in a fair way without attacking the bloggers involved,” she told us. “But I can’t control what people write on their blogs, obviously.”

Leah spent this weekend tweeting out questions to the moms involved. She wanted to know about MSG, sodium, carcinogens, and other chemical ingredients in the food. Who better to ask than the people sitting right inside KFC HQ? As far as we could tell, no one got back to her with those answers; although, one tweet implied that the company would get in touch with her. (more…)

The 50 Healthiest Tweeps You Should be Following

If you care at all about what you eat, how you workout, or just like some good old-fashioned inspiration, then there are a few people you need to follow immediately. Fifty to be exact.

Each year, Mamavation hosts the Top 50 Most Inspirational Healthy Tweeps list to recognize those people and organizations doing the most good on Twitter. In years past, the list has been entirely crowd sourced, with people voting up their favorite follows to determine a top 50. This year, Leah Segedie decided to do something different. She appointed a panel to make the final decision based on votes by the community. DietsInReview was proud to be a part of that panel, joined by members of Mamavation Leadership and Segedie’s husband, Mark.

After weeks of watching the nominations come in, the top 10 Tweeps in five categories have been revealed. Rather than a single list of 50, this year the list was organized with five categories of 10 winners. This allowed us to recognize a broad range of personalities and purposes. The 50 winners were divided across Fitness, Food, Weight Loss, Inspiration, and Activism. And based on community nominations, we broke the list down to recognize some pretty awesome people and organizations.

You can see the full Top 50 Most Inspirational Healthy Tweeps 2012 list here at Mamavation, but we’ll highlight a few from each category who’ve had the biggest impact on DietsInReview.


We’ve had the pleasure to work with @MizFitOnline and @LisaJohnson over the years on a many different projects. Bright, energetic women, they each motivate in that very real way that isn’t preachy or condescending. They’re in the trenches next to every other woman with time that’s too short and to do lists that are too long. (more…)

Special K Diet and Mamavation Helped Lindsay Chung Kick Start Her Weight Loss

At the start of the new year Lindsay Chung decided it was time to get serious about her weight loss. On January 2, Lindsay weighed 176.2 pounds and says she couldn’t stand the sight of the number. Se knew she had to do something to change it. However, Lindsay’s number one obstacle was her addiction to food. “My only real obstacle was that I’m addicted to food – plain and simple. I like to eat whether I’m full or not,” she told us. Lindsay is not alone, there are people who cannot get enough of food and this contributes to their weight gain.

One day Lindsey joined an online community called Mamavation, a website set out to challenge mothers to makeover their lifestyles. The site and program were founded by Leah Segedie of BookieBoo.com, who has also shared her True Weight Loss Story with us. Soon after joining Mamavation Lindsay started their 2 Week Challenge, which consists of six days of hardcore workouts and one day of rest. After the 2 Week Challenge, she found a love for exercise. (more…)

Fitter Moms Have an Opportunity to be Better Moms

By Cat Poland, a work-at-home mom blogging at CatPoland.com.

Car doors closing quietly, subdued greetings, sneaker-laced feet shuffling as stretches begin, hands slapping at mosquitoes eager for an early-morning snack. At 5 a.m. on a weekday morning, these are the sounds of the Fitness Junkies, all mothers (or grandmothers) who are committed to pushing their bodies to the brink of collapse all in the name of getting a good workout.

I went once, puked twice, and haven’t returned. That was before my second child, and despite my utter and complete failure during my first go-round, I’m considering giving it another try. Why?

Well, I have a confession to make. Sometimes, I want to run away from my children. No, not “Thelma and Louise” style running away, but good, old-fashioned, feet-pounding-pavement running away. I just want to escape, feel blood coursing through my veins, and just be alone. Completely and sweetly alone.

Of course, I would eventually run back (if I didn’t collapse somewhere along the way). I love my darling babies, but as a new work-at-home mom, I need “me” time. Not only that, but I need more energy (and strength, mental clarity, etc.). I went from sitting at a computer for 50+ hours a week, to chasing around a one-year-old and three-year-old overnight. As much as I love my new gig, I’m not physically prepared! (more…)

Georgia’s “Fat” Shaming Billboards are Coming Down

After a lot of criticism and the #Ashamed Twitter chat party to raise awareness of the Georgia ad campaign by Strong 4 Life addressing childhood obesity, the ads are coming down this month. If you haven’t heard about this campaign, it features black and white billboards of overweight elementary-aged children with guilt-inducing text. The billboards are targeted at the parents of the one million obese children throughout the state of Georgia, but the concern is that kids will see these messages and feel an incredible amount of shame, ridicule and guilt about their weight.

The efforts of those protesting these ads have paid off and they will all be removed sometime this month. While the fight against obesity is a very important one, the fight must be against obesity and not obese people. “Obesity prevention campaigns are a good thing, but they need to be done humanely. Partnering with families to help them instead of throwing daggers at them is the most humane way to get this done,” said Leah Segedie, the mom behind BookieBoo and Mamavation who spearheaded a campaign against the billboards. (more…)