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Kathryn Budig’s Plate for National Nutrition Month

“This is a picture of my steamed artichoke with a lemon/olive oil/nutritional yeast dip. I’m not gonna lie—I probably eat this at least 2 times a week. Artichokes are filling, great for your liver, and when paired with this tart dip it’s full of nutrients and proteins thanks to the yeast. This makes me a very happy girl (smile!).”

Kathryn Budig is a renowned yogi, who will be releasing The Big Book of Yoga later this year with Rodale.

March is National Nutrition Month and this year’s theme is “Get Your Plate in Shape,” focusing on MyPlate. We invited nutrition and fitness professionals to share their typical plate to give you a glimpse of how some of the healthiest people in the country eat on a daily basis. See the series.

Kathryn Budig’s Big Year of Yoga

If you haven’t quite found your fitness niche yet in the new year, maybe it’s time to look at yoga. Praised for its benefits ranging from fitness and weight loss to disease management and stress reduction, this ancient practice has become quite mainstream in the US over the past few years. “Yoga slows you down, keeps me calm,” Kathryn Budig told us, one of the brightest stars in the yoga community today.

More and more yoga studios are popping up in towns across the country, and a growing library of yoga DVDs from true experts are making the practice more accessible than ever. Kathryn Budig’s name can be found on both of these.

Originally from Kansas, and not quite 30, Budig is making quite an impression on the yoga industry. Now calling Santa Monica home, where her yoga studio is located, she’s steadfastly creating a growing yoga brand that shows just how open and fun the practice can be. She was even recently praised by Forbes Magazine’s Stephanie Taylor Christensen in a feature article that focused on her business acumen and less on her eye-catching yoga poses. Christensen called her “a savvy business woman who has built an enviable career that encompasses the goals that many strive for– but struggle to achieve: Getting paid for your passion, traveling, giving back to others, and keeping the mind and body healthy.”

Watch our interview to see why we named her as one of the Fitness Stars to Watch in 2012 at Yahoo. You’ll learn more about Budig, including the major projects she has in the works this year with Gaiam, Rodale, and ToeSox, and what she calls the biggest trends in yoga this year.


Kathryn Budig is Yoga’s Rising Star

It seems appropriate for us to feature Kathryn Budig, an internationally respected yoga celebrity. Kathryn is not only a wholesome beauty who graces the cover of several yoga magazines, and appears nude in those tasteful yet eye catching ToeSox ads in the pages of Yoga Journal, Kathryn is also a foodie.

Passionate about sharing her favorite recipes, cooking techniques and ways to keep your refrigerator free of junk and chemically toxic food, Budig is a great resource for keeping people like you and me healthy and fit. For example, her Lemony Chicken Quinoa Soup is a perfect vitamin packed recipe that helps combat the flu this time of year. Or, check out her signature Save Me Smoothie, a recipe that includes spinach, blueberries, flax seed oil and other fabulous nutrient dense food.

Kathryn has been featured on E!, Food Network, Shape and in The New York Times. She serves as the brand representative for ToeSox and is an ambassador for Pangea Organics, an organic skin care product company. She is working on her latest big project, “The Big Book of Yoga,” to be published by Rodale very soon. (more…)