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Money Hungry Catches March Madness in Episode 9 Recap

Here we are, the Final Four!

Every year in the NCAA there is March Madness. Well, here on Money Hungry, we have September InSanity! Similar to the NCAA Basketball Final Four, there are teams that are the #1 seeds, and a few teams that everyone is surprised made it this far. (more…)

Money Hungry Episode 8 Recap

Welcome back the Real World VH1 edition, also known as Money Hungry!

With the competition now down to 5 teams, we are starting to learn more and more about each contestant, and see more and more drama. The alliances formed in the beginning of the game are beginning to crack, and the competition is fiercer than ever.

The challenge this week is another puzzle challenge, this time coming in the form of a vertical puzzle shaped like a cake. The object of the game is to disassemble the cake and reassemble it on another stand. The trick comes in the fact that you can only move one layer at a time and you can never place a larger layer on a smaller one. Some teams seem to get the trick right away, though I wonder how long it really took before editing got a hold of it.

Mission Slimpossible, yet again, wins immunity, with Flabulous coming in last after Phillip ‘runs’ the puzzle like he does the game itself: inefficiently. This week there will be no immunity, which means the entire drama surrounds the house vote itself. (more…)

Money Hungry Takes on the Rose Bowl in Episode 7 Recap

I’m going to spare you the fluff this week and we will get right down to business. Last week on Money Hungry we saw Slenderellas and Flabulous make game play moves that lead to yours truly being placed on the chopping block. This week we get to see what happens once the gloves are off and alliances begin to crumble.

With the Family in shambles and the Orphanage actually looking strong once more, the challenge this week is of extreme importance. We see the contestants enter the Rose Bowl, and it is pretty obvious they aren’t there for a picnic. At the top of each set of stairs is a giant contraption meant to hold tiny footballs, 100 of them to be precise. Each teammate must grab as many balls as they can, run up the stairs, place them in the contraption and run back down to tag the other teammate. The team will all their balls placed in the contraption that then runs the big ball across the 50 yard line wins. (more…)

Money Hungry’s Puzzle Piece Relay Race in Episode 6 Recap

Welcome back to Money Hungry, the only show on television that combines strategy and famished overweight people! This week in the house we start to see the fallout from The Regulators choosing not to give out the immunity last week. A couple of the other “Family” teams, namely Slenderellas and Flabulous, both feel that they deserved (or dare I say needed) the immunity last week and felt spurned by not getting it. Phillip approaches the Orphanage about a deal to possibly vote with them, and we all know if it works out they’ll be pulling for yours truly! (more…)

Money Hungry Finds Temptation in Snookie’s Cookies

I remember it like it was yesterday. After the pool challenge I said to my partner, “I wonder when we are going to have an eating/strategy challenge.” Next thing you know, it is upon us! I’m jumping right to the challenge this week because a lot of the stuff from before in the episode (i.e. all of the family alliance teams being lazy) was just utter crap. Aside from one or two individuals, the family alliance was in the gym hardcore this, and every week. In fact, I ran a boxing circuit class for the family alliance in the time period of this episode of Money Hungry! (more…)