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jennifer walters

10 Tips for Better Body Confidence

Jennipher Walters is co-founder and editor of Fit Bottomed Girls, a website featuring fresh fitness content for real women and girls interested in improving their lives through physical activity and sensible eating. With the slogan of “Keeping a Lid on the Junk in the Trunk,” the Fit Bottomed Girls have fun incorporating workouts into their daily lives and hope to inspire other women to do the same. After all, fit bottoms come in all shapes and sizes!

All of us suffer from poor body confidence every now and again, but if you’re disliking yourself and your body more often than not, it’s time to learn how to love yourself. Follow these 10 tips to start looking and feeling your best!

1. Sit up straight! Want to lose 10 pounds in 3 seconds? Sit up straighter. Draw those shoulders back, tighten those abs and walk with confidence. Talk about a quick makeover!
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