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Top Five Reasons Why Americans Practice Yoga

If you think that yoga is just about becoming more flexible and chanting a few oms, think again. Created in India over 5,000 years ago, yoga is meant to bring union to the body, mind and spirit. Today, more than 20 million Americans roll out their mats and practice postures like triangle pose, headstands and warrior sequence.


So why are Americans who are eager to gobble up a fast-paced, calorie-torching workouts like Tae-bo and spinning, embracing yoga with such vigor?

Here are five of the top reasons: (more…)

Get Jennifer Aniston’s Sleek Yoga Arms

jennifer aniston yogaJennifer Aniston has one of the most coveted body’s in Hollywood. One of her best features are her lithe and lean arms which she credits to yoga. Her thrice-a-week yoga routine has helped her muscles get stronger without bulking up because of yoga’s ability to elongate muscle fibers.

In yoga, your body weight is your own gym. You rely on your own body weight to increase your strength rather than a hand-weight or bench press. The contraction and extension of yoga postures that use the arms like chatarunga dandasana, downward dog, hand-stands and hundreds of others strengthen and lengthen your upper and lower arms as well as your shoulders and back muscles giving your body a graceful yet strong look. (more…)

Super Bowl Champ Romanowski’s Nutrition 53

Bill Romanowski is a 4-time Super Bowl champion who spent years on the field and in the training rooms working out and eating right so that he could compete against and triumph over some of football’s most elite and strong athletes. As a linebacker who played an unprecedented 243 consecutive games, he knows a thing or two about nutrition. So he teamed up with a few of his favorite scientists, researchers and nutritionists and developed his own company and line of dietary supplements called Nutrition 53.

Nutrition 53 contains a small, but quality, line of three different health products. There is the Lean1, which is designed to help you create lean muscle mass and control your hunger, Neuro1, a supplement that improves mental acuity and focus and Sleep1, a product that helps you get to sleep fast and stay asleep so you wake up feeling refreshed. (more…)

Jennifer Aniston’s Diet, Beauty and Body Routine

Is it just me or does Jennifer Aniston seem to look more beautiful and more fit since she left Friends and that guy a few years back… what’s his name (I think it rhymes with “Bitt”)? Even though Jen leaves a pretty private life, we have caught glimpses and bits of what she does to look so amazing and sport a body that would make a teenaged girl a bit green with envy.

Jennifer Aniston

Just a few months shy of turning 4-0, Jen is doing something right. Here are a few things that Jen does to keep herself in tip-top shape:

Yoga: Yep, here is one additional reason to invest in a $15 sticky mat and start down-dogging. Jen is a regular yoga practitioner and relies on her yoga instructor Mandy Ingber to custom-design private yoga lessons for her and come to her house to teach them. Mandy starts by leading Jen through five sun salutations, which are a sequence of movements that are synced with the breath. Additional postures like bridge, butterfly, tree pose and others are held for 30 seconds to one minute. Mandy also transforms these traditional postures into a strength training movements by having Jen do a series of scissor kicks, lunges or plie bends to build extra strength, but to also keep her muscles long and lean.

Jen first turned to yoga a month after separating from her now ex-husband. Before that, she felt very little connection to her body and her exercise as she worked out only on cardio machines. Now, yoga has bridged the mind-body gap that Aniston also feels infiltrate in other areas her life. She admits to feeling stronger emotionally  as well as physically and she has drawn on the patience she has cultivated in her own yoga practice to her own life as she holds postures steady for minutes a time.

Jennifer Aniston bikini

Cardio: In addition to thrice-weekly private yoga sessions, Jen also breaks a sweat during regular cardio routines. The treadmill and elliptical trainer are her two fitness machines of choice. She usually clocks about 20 minutes or more on one of these before her yoga session. Jen feels that the cardio not only boosts her metabolism, but it gives her muscles a warm-up before her yoga class. According to an interview with Self magazine, after a five-minute warm-up, Jen alternates one minute of high-intensity cardio with two minutes of recovery at a moderate pace. On high-energy days, Aniston will even follow up this interval training, which she does on the elliptical, with a 10- to 15-minute run on the treadmill at a 5.7-mph pace on a 1.5 incline.

Diet: A long-time devotee of The Zone Diet, from the looks of it, Jen does a pretty darn good job at maintaining the 40-30-30 ratio of carbs to fat to protein. Once told by the entertainment industry that she needed to lose 30 pounds, Jen was introduced to The Zone Diet during her Friends years. She credits the diet for working for her mind, body and lifestyle as she shuns bad carbs. Although she’s pretty quiet about her diet secrets and occasional indulgences, she reportedly eats lots and lots of salads with lean proteins. One of her favorite style of foods is Mexican. One of her favorite Mexican eats: Chips and salsa.

Locks: You can’t talk about Ms. Aniston’s beauty without mentioning that hair. Her trailblazing haircut on Friends inspired women to flood beauty salons and simply ask for “The Rachel.” Stylists knew precisely what to do. Her combination of multiple layers, California-sun-kissed highlights and the magic of the flat iron has everyday looking like a bad hair day for me. For those of you who miss seeing your favorite, lovelorn Friend Rachel every Thursday night, this fall she’ll be make a guest appearance on NBC’s 30 Rock as Alec Baldwin’s stalker. I don’t know about you, but I can’t wait to watch Jen again and see her comedic and lovely self on my television set.

Learn more about the Jennifer Aniston Diet.

Sizing up with Celebs

Are you ever curious what size your favorite stars really are? You see them on TV and wonder if it is really that possible that they are that thin. OK Magazine this week revealed the sizes of six popular Hollywood ladies:

Eva Longoria Parker size 0

Jennifer Aniston size 2

Eva Mendes size 4

Katherine Heigl size 6

Mariska Hargitay size 8

America Ferrera size 10

Match your BMI to these ladies and other stars with the Diets In Review Celebrity BMI widget. You can even share it with friends on Facebook.