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Weight Watchers Launches Healthy Cooking iPad App

Healthy Eating AppThe long-standing weight-loss system Weight Watchers just got a little more-high tech. Last week they launched a new app for iPad to help you eat healthier meals and slim down. Best of all, the Weight Watchers Kitchen Companion is free.

Anyone who downloads the app will get the ten latest featured recipes, the ability to save their favorite recipes and instructive cooking videos. Plus users can create custom shopping lists and share recipes with their friends via email or Facebook.

People who subscribe to Weight Watchers Online will get even more utility out of the app. Subscribers will receive thousands of Weight Watchers recipes, complete shopping and ingredient guides, and be able to send recipes to the Plan Manager for tracking. Also, they will be able to use the Wight Watchers’ website Recipe Builder to customize and create recipes.


Kraft’s Big Fork Little Fork iPad App in Action [VIDEO]

Kraft's Big Fork Little Fork iPad AppKraft has developed this kid-friendly iPad app called “Big Fork Little Fork” to help parents and children eat a healthy diet. The app has lots of ideas for bringing kids into the kitchen, in addition to tips, how-to videos and recipes.

Watch our demo to see all its enticing features in action, then read on to learn more about what we loved about it. VIDEO BELOW

Apple’s iPad bodyCal2 Provides a BMR and BMI Calculator

bodyCal2 1.0 is a new application that is being released for the Apple iPad, which for any of you that jumped on board to pre-order should have any day now. bodyCal2 is a fitness calculator and health tracker for the iPad that allows you to calculate your body mass index (BMI) and basal metabolic rate (BMR) while tracking changes to these over time. Both BMI and BMR are important as they help provide a base for where your health currently stands.

What are BMI and BMR?

1) BMI is a common measurement that helps provide an analysis of your health. Depending on where you fall within the BMI range for your size/height you may experience an increased risk of developing certain conditions or diseases. For example, diabetes, cancer and heart disease can have increased chances if your body mass index is too high. (more…)