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Healthier Beer Choices for Oktoberfest

When you hear “Oktoberfest“, what comes to mind? If you are anything like me, it’s beer. Beer can be a caloric bomb, though, next bringing to mind the term “beer belly”.

Beer doesn’t contain fat; however, it does have tons of carbohydrates, protein and alcohol- and that’s it. Beer is the epitome of empty calories, giving you all the calories with no vitamins, minerals or redeeming health qualities whatsoever. A gram of carbohydrates has 4 calories, a gram of protein 4 calories, and a gram of alcohol has a little over 7 calories. This is why different beers can have higher calorie counts in relation to their alcohol content.

To keep things in perspective, I found this information online at realbeer.com: “A five-ounce glass of wine contains about 125 calories; one ounce of distilled spirits, 90 proof, 75 calories. Beyond the world of alcohol: an eight-ounce glass of milk has 160 calories, one ounce of potato chips 160 calories, a banana split 550 calories, and a Burger King Whopper 650 calories. Oh yeah, just six French fries have 12 grams of fat (about as many calories as a light beer).” (more…)

Two week check up time!

Two weeks into the New Year…. how is your new weight management plan working for you? What are some of the new habits you have incorporated into your daily activities that you feel good about? I would love to hear what is working for you, as well as what is not working for you, so we can troubleshoot together.

Just in case you need a few fun reminders, here’s a quick hit list of the things that are working right now for those experienced weight managers:

1. Forgive yourself for the Holidays. That’s right, no matter what you indulged in, it was all good. Memories of good times with people you care about are WAY more important than whether or not you fit into your skinny jeans. Time to move on and move forward, and tell yourself every meal opportunity is a new opportunity to choose health and body confidence.

2. Increase and/or change the intensity of your workouts. Whether it’s squeezing in a walk with Fido, or adding swimming to a cardio routine, changing your activity has been shown to kick start the body’s ability to build muscle, the key to a well-tuned metabolism. Take advantage of all those post-holiday sales, and buy those resistance bands you have had your eye on. Defined arms by Labor Day? You betcha!

3. Add calcium and fiber for passive weight loss. Yes, it’s that easy. Studies have proven that by ingesting low-fat sources of calcium, and making sure to include adequate fiber intake into one’s daily diet, will aid in weight loss without any change whatsover to a person’s activity program. Who doesn’t like easy?