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Eat Like the Stars by Re-Creating the 71st Annual Golden Globes Menu

For those of us who anticipate awards season every year, we know that the Globes are all about celebrating achievement and having a good time. With both television and film being recognized, it’s guaranteed you’ll see your favorite actors from both the big and small screens.

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Hosting the event this year for the second time are Tina Fey and Amy Poehler. The dynamic comedy duo were arguably the best part of last year’s show, so you can look forward to another great performance full of jokes about the more easy-going nature of the Globes.

The more relaxed atmosphere of the Golden Globes also allows the stars to enjoy an amazing three course Mediterranean-inspired meal. Chefs estimate they will serve about 150 vegan and gluten-free meals tonight to stars with pickier palettes and different dietary needs. For the rest of the celebrities, the announced menu sounds absolutely divine, and absolutely re-creatable.

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8 Healthy Recipes for Your Golden Globes Watch Party this Sunday

The Golden Globes are happening this weekend. Do you have any big plans? We certainly do. With a line up of sitcoms and films we absolutely gushed over in 2012, not watching simply isn’t an option. After all, Amy Poehler and Tina Fey – two of our favorite female comedians – are hosting, which is just one more reason to tune in this Sunday to see who takes home gold.

If you’re planning on having a gathering, chances are you’ll need to feed your guests. But just because you’re in party planning mode doesn’t mean you should stress over the menu.

In honor of this year’s Golden Globes we’re dishing up eight healthier recipes inspired by some of our favorite nominees. With a mix of sweet and savory, light and filling, you and your guests will be well fed while tuning in to see who gets crowned Hollywood’s finest talent.
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Angelina Jolie Too Thin at the Golden Globes?

Stars are rarely more critiqued than they are on awards night. Their hair, their dresses, their performances, their speeches – nothing is safe. That’s true for Angelina Jolie at tonight’s Golden Globes.

During her presentation, Twitter was instantly taken back by her bone-thin arms and “sickly” appearance as one Twitter user posted.

Recently, frightening news has circulated that Jolie, actress recently turned director, was on a 600 calorie per day diet. Photos of her in November, during a trip to Vietnam, revealed stick-like arms hanging from a strikingly thin frame. Sadly, it seems not much has changed since those photos were taken.

Some reports point to her being so busy, between her many professional obligations and as the mother of six young children, that she often doesn’t have time, nor make time, to eat. Skipping meals often leads “what not to do” advice for dieting and weight loss. It can wreck your metabolism, and wreak havoc on your health.
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Golden Globes Host Ricky Gervais Maintains Weight Loss by Running

Ricky Gervais is going to make that tuxedo look pretty good tonight. In 2010, inspired by his girlfriend, Gervais lost more than 20 pounds. He said at the time that it wasn’t about the weight, but instead, “It was more that I was a fat, lazy, out of shape slob, to be honest.”

Nothing could be further from a description of tonight’s Golden Globes host, a gig that requires as much energy as it does personality and thick skin. This will be the British actor’s third go at hosting the awards show, which can foreshadow the upcoming Oscars. He’s brutally honest, but with that brutally entertaining, which is what these often cut-and-paste awards shows can need to hold an audience’s attention. Last year, Gervais’ biggest joke might have been about the collapse of Charlie Sheen; this year, a bounty of Hollywood divorces in recent news could fuel his sharp tongue.

Gervais’ weight loss first made headlines in 2010, when we first reported on it. Fortunately, his focus on fitness hasn’t waned in the past year. At that time, he credited much of his weight loss to the sport of running, something he and his girlfriend Jane Fallon enjoy doing together in their Hampstead Heath, London neighborhood; or, when traveling, he’ll pound the pavement in NYC first thing in the morning.
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The Golden Globes Nominees’ Dinner Menu Inspired by Global Cuisine

Tonight, stars will line the red carpet for the 69th Annual Golden Globe Awards. While most people will be focused on what the stars are wearing, we’ve been wondering what the stars will be eating when they sit down to dinner during the show.

Executive chef Suki Sugiura and pastry chef Thomas Henzi of the Beverly Hilton Hotel have spent six months developing a menu based upon the theme of “Global Food Harmony” to represent the global nature of the awards.


Appetizer: Pistachio crusted pistou ravioli with wild arugula served with smoked tomato, kabocha compote and burrata.

Entree: Miso and sake lees marinated pacific sea bass with grilled king oyster mushroom and braised prime short rib of beef. To be served with porcini pine nut herb ragout in a light cream of sherry wine ginger tamari sauce and roasted fingerling potatoes, candy striped beets, baby bok choy and yellow baby carrots.

Dessert: A trio: chocolate delice almond crunch terrine and acacia honey, caramel and fresh berries, paired with a Moet & Changdon Grand Vintage 2002 magnum specially created for the event.

According to BizBash, the kitchen will employ 40 chefs and 110 kitchen staffers to prepare the meal. Despite all of this effort, will the A-listers in the audience stray from their meticulous diets for one night to indulge in the three-course meal? We decided to investigated which stars are dieting these days – and what types of healthy eating regimens we might expect from them at the awards.

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