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Giuliana Rancic Reveals She Has Breast Cancer

Giuliana Rancic recently announced that she has breast cancer and will be undergoing surgery this week. Giuliana works for E! Entertainment and revealed that she discovered a tumor in her breast while she was undergoing in-vitro fertilization. Giuliana, 37, stated, “It’s been a shock. I wasn’t prepared to get a mammogram until I was 40-years old like I’d been told. I never in my wildest dreams expected anything to be wrong.”

Thankfully, Giuliana’s cancer was caught in the early stages, which can allow treatment to be more effective. Giuliana has no family history of breast cancer and has a healthy body weight. She still wants to have the baby that she and her husband Bill were trying for when the cancer was detected. Giuliana views the attempt to have a baby as saving her life. “I still want this baby, because this baby has saved my life. I truly feel God was looking out after me. If I had gotten pregnant later down the line, I could have been a lot sicker,” she said.


The Most Popular Celebrity Detox Diets

One of the hottest new trends in weight loss are detox diets. These cleanses are typically liquid-based and can help people shed unwanted pounds quickly. This is really just water weight and unless you stick to a healthy diet and exercise regimen after, you’ll likely see the weight return.

Hollywood stars have been using these detox cleanses to prepare themselves for red carpet events, and thanks to People Magazine, we’ve got an inside-look at how the likes of Beyonce and Gwyneth cleanse to lose weight.

Beyonce’s Cleanse

Beyonce made the Master Cleanse diet a household name. She prepares this recipe with hot water, lemon juice, maple syrup and cayenne pepper and drinks only this for 10-14 days. After using the Master Cleanse (also known as the lemonade diet or the maple syrup diet) to lose 20 pounds for her Dreamgirls role, she told Ellen Degeneres “I was very hungry, therefore I was evil.” (more…)