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Los Angeles the Worst Jamie Oliver’s Seen in Food Revolution’s Season 2 Premier

The premier of season two of Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution was better than I had hoped. It had everyone in my house shocked and engaged. I couldn’t keep up with the discussion on twitter because #foodrevolution was a trending topic with hundreds of tweets every minute. If you missed it this week, I will catch you up. Hopefully you can join the conversation tweeting live with us next week.

This season Jamie is in Los Angeles, but he has been banned from the LAUSD school system. Even after going before the school board, not like a celebrity but like any other citizen in a three minute slot, Jamie was dismissed unceremoniously. At one point, Jamie stated that his welcome in Huntington, WV, reportedly the unhealthiest city in the U.S., was warm compared to the cold shoulder he was receiving in L.A. Because he was not allowed in the schools, he asked school children and their parents to bring him food items from the school. Jamie stated that it was the worst school menu he had seen anywhere (and twitter seemed to agree). It was revealed that to save money, food is only prepared in one kitchen for all the schools in L.A. – the meals were only warmed in house.


Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution Season Two Premiers April 12th

I am excited to announce that we finally know when Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution season two will begin! After watching this preview for season two it seems that the delay may have been a result of the obstacles Jamie faced in bringing his revolution to Los Angeles, California.

When Jamie was told that his permits to work in the L.A. schools had been revoked, he declared war. I anticipate a lot of interesting public demonstrations in season two. I am hopeful that we will see that such grassroots campaigns are even more powerful than sharing his message with families with the assistance of the schools. I am excited that Jamie has continued his revolution despite setbacks and obstacles.


Jamie Oliver Says British Kids are Lazy

The man best known for his theatrics while trying to help schools serve healthier lunches has once again claimed the spotlight. During an interview for The Guardian, Jamie Oliver was asked, in his opinion, what he thinks is the trouble with today’s youth. Oliver, who is currently filming a show in which he tries to help high school drop outs, pulled no punches with his response.

“I’ve never experienced such a wet generation. I’m embarrassed to look at British kids. You get their mummies phoning up and saying: “He’s too tired, you’re working him too hard” – even the butch ones.” Oliver describes difficulties in recruiting staff for his restaurants, saying he uses “bulletproof, rock-solid Polish and Lithuanians who are tough and work hard” because “British youngsters no longer know the meaning of hard work.”


Jamie Oliver Announces the Winners of The Food Revolution Open IDEO Challenge

An Open Food Revolution CoverChef Jamie Oliver hosted a design challenge on Open IDEO, a site that promotes collaborative problem solving. Oliver asked the community, “How can we raise kids’ awareness of the benefits of fresh food so they can make better choices?”

Part of Oliver’s Food Revolution, the challenge led to 198 final concepts, from which 17 winning concepts were selected. The concepts tackle the issue of healthy eating on many different fronts, from the grocery store, to schools, to home activities. To illustrate the whole process, Oliver and Open IDEO created a booklet that you can download.


Australian Government Supports Jamie Oliver’s New Instructional Kitchen

Australia seems to have recognized what officials in Huntington, Virginia, were fighting against. “…obesity is killing us” Premier Anna Bligh is quoted as saying when discussing plans for Jamie Oliver’s “Ministry of Food” to come to the Queensland town of Ipswich.

Obesity and poor diet are not just problems in the United States– it’s a problem around the world. A Sydney University study reports that two-thirds of men and 50 percent of women in Australia are overweight or obese. Jamie Oliver has said that obesity is the number one killer in Australia. These are not numbers that Jamie can take lightly. He is passionate about educating, improving diet, and saving lives. (more…)