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The 1,500 Calorie Donut Burger

We assure you that this is not a premature April Fool’s Day joke.donut burger

The “Craz-E Burger,” which was created by Food Network star and Southern cook Paula Deen, is a bacon-cheeseburger sandwiched between a buttered Krispy Kreme donut. Yes folks, two of the most saturated fat-friendly foods the American diet has created have joined together in a ceremonious union of heart attack meets muffin top.

The queen of Southern cooking, known for her very generous use of butter, first pioneered the burger on her food show. The heart-stopping creation was picked up by the restaurants and sandwich dives all over the country; including the Big E agriculture fair this past summer in Massachusetts, where more than 1,000 sold to curious and risk-taking fair-goers. (more…)

Guy Fieri’s Macrobiotic Childhood Created a Food Rebel

Guy Fieri was like most kids growing up – loved his parents and hated their cooking. “My parents were into macrobiotic cooking – vegetarian, nondairy, whole grains, no red meat,” the Food Network star told People in a recent interview.guy fieri

While most kids rebel by skipping curfew or drinking, Fieri acted out by cooking. “I started cooking when I was 10 because I just couldn’t eat that stuff,” he says. His rebellion even includes a tattoo that reads “Kulinary Gangsta.”

He has an infectious passion for food, that he shares on many Food Network shows, as well as with his family of four. Fieri is married to wife Lori, and they have two sons, Hunter and Ryder. He gets the entire family involved when he’s in the kitchen (which due to shooting schedules is only about one-third the year). His kids help prepare recipes like deep-fried s’mores, four-bean salad, barbecue, pizza, sushi or Hunter’s spaghetti and meatballs. (more…)

John McCain Chicken Queso Burger Recipe

This presidential candidate has a love for cheesy greasy foods, like enchiladas and pizza. So the chicken queso burger, created by Food Network in his name, sounds like something John McCain would have no hesitation eating.

The recipe looks incredible, sure to just pop with flavor, especially once the chicken has been grilled. The nutrition facts leave a little to be desired- with 742 calories, 30 grams of fat; that’s 16.5 Weight Watchers Points for you counters. For the low carb dieters, 51 grams of carbs (80 percent from the roll). Those numbers are pretty hard to swallow, and we’re certainly not pitching this as a healthy recipe as-is.

A chicken sandwich is certainly a smart, healthy meal, especially with the salsa, avocados and olive oil (with healthy MUFAs), and a fresh citrus marinade; but once you add the cheese and white bakery roll things take a turn for the worse. So, we’ve come up with a few suggestions for voting out some of the calories and fat. (more…)

Barack Obama Pizza Burger Recipe

Burgers are probably not a part of Barack Obama’s diet, considering all the veggies and nuts he enjoys eating. That didn’t stop Food Network from creating a pizza burger recipe in his name, that they think suits this Chicago candidate’s style.

Knowing that the Democratic candidate prefers a lean, nutritious diet and is very physically fit, it’s hard to imagine him chowing down on one of these burgers. The nutrition facts are astonishing: 1246 calories, 88.5g fat, 260mg cholesterol, 1340mg sodium, 53.6g carbs, 2.1g fiber, 4.7g sugar, 60.6g protein, not to mention nearly 32 WW Points. Whoa! That’s nearly two double Quarter Pounders with cheese from McDonald’s.

We’re certainly not condoning this as a “healthy” recipe. It sounds delicious, and the novelty of a Barack Obama burger could certainly be a fun entree at an election watch party. So we have some suggestions to reduce the fat and calories in this, or any burger. (more…)

Food Network Casting Call in OKC

If you have not yet joined the Oklahoma City Mayor’s weight loss challenge- then you and your family by be eligible for a new Food Network show. The casting call is tomorrow!

Casting Call for Documentary Series on the Food Network
In search of new members for Mayor’s Challenge

Al Roker Entertainment, Inc. is coming to Oklahoma City in search of overweight individuals and families who are ready to join Mayor Cornett’s Weight Loss Challenge.  If you know of someone who has not yet joined, please pass on the following information.

When: Saturday, May 31st

Where: Civic Center Music Hall
201 North Walker Avenue
CitySpace Theatre

Time: Noon to 5 pm (more…)