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Bob Greene on the Rachael Ray Show

Tune in this Friday, January 21 to the Rachael Ray Show when Oprah’s fitness guru, Bob Greene stops by to share with you his surefire tips to keep your weight loss resolutions active in the New Year.

Bob will do something that not many health experts do: share his own daily food journal. By seeing what Bob eats for breakfast, lunch and dinner, you’ll get a sneak peek into what it’s really like to eat healthy and stay accountable to your health goals. (more…)

Foodurama Mac App Will Help You Eat a Balanced Diet

food journal Mac AppFood journaling is a great way to become more aware of how much you eat and how many calories you consume each day. If done with dedication, it’s a great tool to help you achieve your weight loss goals. Although keeping a food journal can be tedious, there are a variety of apps to help speed up this process and even provide you with a more detailed look at your daily nutrition.

Foodurama is one such app, which is now available in the Mac App store. You can use the database of over 7,000 different foods to record your diet, create daily meals plans and track calories. Foodurama will also tell you how much fat, carbs and protein you’re eating. You can also record any physical activities you do throughout the day, and the app will automatically adjust your requirements.


HealthNut Mac App Helps You Track Your Nutrition Goals

Diet Mac AppOne of the most exciting Mac apps for dieters is HeathNut, a food journal that uses the FDA food database to make keeping track of your nutrition a snap. You can search the database easily, and HealthNut does all the math for you. Not only does this food journal app show your daily calories, it also breaks down your food intake into specific nutrients. It’s easy to see what percentage of protein, carbs and fat you’re eating.

A few users complain that the food database is not comprehensive enough, but it’s fairly straight forward to add foods that aren’t in the list by using any nutrition label. Or, you can combine existing food entries to create new ones.


Food Journals Key to Weight Loss

So, you want to lose weight this year? If you are one of the millions resolving to shed pounds in 2011, consider a food journal as a part of your strategy. Expert have long touted the power of journaling. This may be in the form of writing down your thoughts to get a deeper understanding of what makes you tick. But experts are particularly fond of the idea of keeping tack of what you eat and drink on a daily basis.

“Keeping a food diary is like exercise; it will always help you lose [weight] if you do it consistently,” says Dr. Christopher J. Mosunic, a weight management and diabetes specialist at Greenwich Hospital in Greenwich, Connecticut.

Experts have found that dieters who journal their food intake are more successful because it shows a willingness to acknowledge their eating habits. Being able to visualize the food and the accompanying calories really clears up any possible confusion over why a person is ether gaining weight or having trouble losing it. (more…)

Kick Start Your Diet Resolution Now

It’s December 27. Guess what? That means the holiday season is over. It was over the second all the presents were ripped open and your big family meal left you in a food coma.

There are some of those people that will undoubtedly use the rest of the year to pack in as many stale Christmas cookies as possible before the ball drops on New Year’s Eve, and then start their New Year’s weight loss resolution that morning. Or the morning after.

Despite what the calendar says, the time to start your New Year’s resolution is now. Right now. No excuses. The sooner you make the next right and healthy decision means the sooner you will hit your weight loss goals.

Kick start your diet today by taking the necessary steps to set yourself up for success.