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Food Blogger Spotlight: Camila of Como Come Cami

The first thing you notice when you visit Como Come Cami is the text. Unless you’re lucky enough to be bilingual you might not understand at firstComo Come Cami but don’t panic, just scroll. Scroll down the page and you’ll find the Spanish text has been translated to English so you won’t miss a thing. Born in Argentina, Como Come Cami founder, Camila Jurado started traveling when she was 10 years old. She’s lived in Honduras and Buenos Aries but she graduated from a college in Savannah, Georgia. I’d love to know if her Spanish accent took on a southern twang.

Camila created her vegetarian-inspired blog to connect with other vegans and share the creative recipes she’s gathered from her travels. More about Camila and Como Come Cami:

Why did you start your food blog? I always liked cooking but became more passionate about healthy foods and ingredients once I became a vegetarian. I started this site with the idea of sharing healthy recipes and travel with a vegetarian approach. I love traveling, discovering new ingredients, buying vintage plates, reading cookbooks and taking photos.


Food Blogger Spotlight: Billy from Wit & Vinegar

Where can you find tasty recipes, clean stylish food pics, Moses the dog, the phrase, “voom voom shebang,” a generous weekly roundup of other food bloggers and a Beyonce’ video? At Wit & Vinegar, of course. W&V is officially my favorite food blog right now and not just because the author, Billy, says things like, “MTV True Life” when he wants to be serious and makes Real Housewives references while he ‘s describing his latest foodie find.

Wit & Vinegar

Wit & Vinegar is Tina Fey meets Bobby Flay! My only question is, when will the Food Network knock on Billy’s door and offer him a cooking show? I can see him in the kitchen with Moses at his feet while he whips up a new froyo recipe and comments on the playlist he’s prepared for the episode that blares from the iHome behind him while a disco ball turns overhead. YES! I would totally watch that.

More about Billy and why he created his eclectic blog:


Food Blogger Spotlight: Colleen from Colleen’s Kitchen

Colleen Fields CropA few months ago we introduced readers to Colleen Fields on our True Weight Loss segment where she inspired us with her 124-pound weight loss. By utilizing a whole body approach including food journaling, exercise and consulting with nutrition experts, Colleen explained how she learned to live a healthy lifestyle, which in turn, whittled down her waistline.

Along the way, Colleen discovered she was not only changing her body, she was really enjoying the new recipes she was creating, and decided it would be worth the time to share. Her blog not only makes you want to eat right off the screen, she also shares helpful recipe tips and tons of nutritional information so you know exactly what you’re eating.

Why did you start your food blog? While going through my weight loss journey, my cooking completely changed and I also found myself becoming a healthy lifestyle evangelist. I started my blog to show people that healthy cooking and eating is really easy and can taste good too, it doesn’t mean relegating yourself to a life of “rabbit food.”