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Liquid-Only Diet Prepares Supermodel Adriana Lima for Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show

How do supermodels prepare for a Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, especially if they’ve just had a baby eight weeks ago? For Adriana Lima, the answer is to turn to a completely liquid diet for a solid week and a half and work out twice a day.

The mother of Valentina, 3, and Sienna, born in September, earned $7 million in 2011, giving her ranking on Forbes’ annual Celebrity 100 list. Her biggest earnings come from being a Victoria’s Secret Angel, but she appears in a diverse listing of modeling ads, television commercials, and acting spots. She likens her career’s required runway preparations to athletes training for a marathon.

Lima, 31, shared her training regimen with The Telegraph UK before last year’s show. She said she works out daily with a personal trainer, then twice a day for the three weeks leading up to the show. Lima does a variety of exercises like boxing, lifting weights, and jump rope she described as “really intense.”

After the birth of her first child, Lima said “it was easy” to lose her baby weight by hitting the gym once or twice daily for one to two hours, along with a portion-controlled diet of four ounce meals. 
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7 Simple and Stylish Ways to Dress Up Your Workout Clothes

I was on Pinterest the other day and I saw an e-card that read, “None of my yoga pants have ever been to yoga.” I giggled to myself because I am guilty of wearing workout clothes when I am not at the gym or a yoga studio. Workout clothes for me consist of yoga pants, Nike shorts, and driFit T-shirts. My workout clothes are the most comfortable attire that I own, so it’s hard to resist not wearing them outside of the gym.

But, there are times when I go overboard when it comes to wearing my workout clothes. It’s just become a social norm to wear workout clothes when you’re out running errands. Although, I can look like a hot mess in my workout clothes sometimes, it possible to look a little nicer while doing so. Stephanie Mansour, CEO of Step It Up with Steph, offered DIR readers some tips on how to dress up workout clothes.

Ladies, learn how to accessorize and coordinate your workout clothes to make sure you don’t look like a hot mess!

Add Color. DIR mentioned before that many clothing brands have workout clothes in neon colors. Most workout clothes come in black or gray. So, if you are wearing black pants and a black jacket, wear a bright neon shirt to bring a pop of color into your wardrobe.

Dress Up with Jewelry. Wearing jewelry can help you accessorize just about any piece of clothing, and it’s acceptable with workout clothes as well. Steph mentions that wearing earrings, a watch, ring, or even a necklace is acceptable when it comes to dressing up your workout clothes.
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Food and Clothing Labels Lie: Are You Aware and Do You Care?

When you grab a bite to eat somewhere, there are particular decisions you have to make. Obviously, what you’re going to eat but also what size you’re going to order. You may have noticed how the different sizes vary by each restaurant/fast food chain. What you may not have noticed is a small order at one place might be considered a medium at another. For example, you’re at Burger King and ask for a small order of fries because you want to be conscious of the amount you’re eating, but if you had gone to McDonald’s that same small order at Burger King would have been considered a medium. Would this make a difference in your decision making?

Aradhna Krishna, a marketing professor at the University of Michigan, has performed studies over this labeling phenomena. What she found is that food sizes have become larger over time. ”So, that same hamburger has become bigger, the french fries have become bigger, and again this is leading to obesity,” said Krishna on NPR.

Krishna wanted to learn if the label was truly making a difference in what size consumers bought. In order to do so, she conducted an experiment where she offered participants a cookie. One was given a label as “medium” and the other was given a label as “large.” The catch was that both were actually the exact same size. The results proved the theory and showed that more people chose the “medium” cookie over the large.

“Just because there’s a different size label attached to the same actual quantity of food, people eat more. But also, think they’ve not eaten as much,” said Krishna. “Sizes should be more uniform and that will only help the consumer because you’ll know what you’re getting.”

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, a “large” soda today is six times bigger than a “large” soda in the 1950s. Past studies have also shown that by eating off a smaller plate, people can sometimes overestimate the serving size they’ve been given, and drinking beer from a glass that’s straight as opposed to one that’s curvy can help people keep better track of how much they’ve drank.
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Kristi Yamaguchi’s New Fitness Apparel Created with Busy Moms in Mind

Even if you think you look super awkward on the treadmill or in the weight room, you can at least look good while you do it. Olympic Gold Medalist Kristi Yamaguchi just released a new line of active wear that is functional enough for the gym and stylish enough for the carpool lane.

The brand is called Tsu.ya and includes 18 pieces for the fall launch, available exclusively at Lord & Taylor department stores. The line includes basics like yoga pants, leggings, jackets, and T-shirts. Price points for the line range from $40 to $150, which is competitively priced with other fitness apparel lines. The apparel is only available in sizes extra small (XS) through large (L).

“As a mother, author and athlete life is pulling me in a lot of directions at once. I wanted to create something for the woman-on-the go, something that you can go to the gym in and run errands in after and still look put together,” Kristi told us of her inspiration for Tsu.ya.
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Neon Colors Brighten Fitness Attire and Workouts This Summer

One of the biggest fashion trends of the season is not hard to miss. It’s neon! Reminiscent of the glowing 80s, the bright colors are getting official fashion endorsements across the media. E! News’ Giuliana Rancic was amongst the first to announce the style trend, as the fashion expert told viewers bright colors, particularly neon, would be the color to wear this summer.

Why neon for this season? As reported by The Washington Post, Ann Narayanan, VP of Women’s Merchandising for Old Navy, offered her opinion. “This is the season of color: color on color, color back to neutrals. Neons are just one of the amazing color trends that are important right now.”

Neon is an attention grabber, it screams “Look at me!” Marissa Rosenblum, Seventeen senior editor, comments on this season’s color trend, “The highlighter colors have evolved this season into accessories, beauty products, and outwear. There are still the T-shirts, colored jeans, hoodies, and athletic apparel.”

Bright colors aren’t just for the catwalk, neon has made its way onto fitness apparel, too. Even running shoes like Brooks are brighter that ever with plenty of unconventional shades and designs. It’s hard to miss the neon when walking into a sports store this season. Brands like Nike, UnderArmor, and Jillian Michaels K-Swiss collection have fused neon into their shorts, sports bras, shirts, tanks, and even socks!
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