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Start the Week with Meatless Monday

Farmers marketMany times when I was asked why I became a vegetarian, or pescatarian (vegetarian who eats fish), my answer was twofold. One of the first reasons was due to the treatment of animals, which in a recent film I watched were actually termed “animal cities” and that term was not meant as one of endearment. The quality of life our animals have, from cows to chickens to pigs, is horrendous. Whether being kept in pens or tight quarters where slight movements are difficult or never seeing sunlight, I could not fathom taking part in allowing this to continue so I stopped giving those stock yards and farmers my money. (more…)

Logos That Really Mean “Green” or Organic Foods

More and more products are coming out touting that they are less harmful to the environment or are earthy friendly, but in order to use this type of labeling the product must be manufactured with minimal energy and packaging should be made of recycled materials (think the paper grocery bags at Whole Foods supermarkets). Not all manufacturers follow the full guidelines that entitle this “green” messaging, so by referencing the logos listed below you can ensure that the products and produce you purchase are in fact “green”:

USDA organic logo For products to use the USDA labeling it must contain at least 95% organic ingredients that have not had any chemicals, fertilizers, pesticides or genetically modified organisms used. (more…)

Healthy Earth Day Round-Up

In honor of Earth Day, we encourage you to do something healthy for the planet and yourself today. Often, you can accomplish both of those goals in one effort. Here is a round-up of the Earth-friendly tips and articles found at DietsInReview.com.earth-day

Exercise to Save the Environment

Scientists have designed a leg brace that can harness power from your walking as a power source in place of the current less environmentally friendly methods.

Go Green with Your Diet

Learn some simple easy tricks that not only help the environment, but also help you increase your healthy food intake.

An Argument for Organic — The Cleanest and Dirtiest Produce Items

Due to the amount of pesticides and fertilizers used on large domestic and imported crops, not to mention the effects this has on the environment, choosing local, organic produce is becoming more popular. (more…)

Be a Healthy Role Model for Your Children

Another technique used to encourage life change is Environmental Reevaluation, which combines both emotional and cognitive assessments of how a personal habit affects those around you, as well as the understanding that you are a role model for others. We are not always aware of who is watching what we do, but there is always someone whether it is a child (even if not your own), a boss, or a potential client.

For parents it is hugely important to remember that the old saying “do what I say, not what I do” will never work. Children pattern themselves after what is modeled for them. If they see you doing otherwise, they are most likely to learn that those behaviors (whatever they may be) are simply a privilege of being an adult. (more…)

Exercise To Save The Environment

If you want to save the environment, you have the power not only in your finger tips, but in your legs as well. There’s an incredible new invention, and it’s “power to the people,” quite literally. Scientists have designed a leg brace that can harness power from your walking as a power source in place of the current less environmentally friendly methods. It’s a bit pricey at the moment. But like all new things, costs will go down.

Here’s a great quote: “We store enough energy in fat to charge a 1,000 kilogram battery.” The research has spawned a start up company called Bionic Power. It reportedly has seed money, but no venture capital just yet to produce the first Six Million Dollar Man. The idea of these becoming commonplace opens up an interesting debate. If they are as common as cell phones, will it become a moral imperative for everyone to put in their exercise for environmental reasons? Or will it just be a nice byproduct of your walking routine? Only time will tell.