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Watch What You Drink, Not Just What You Eat

When we talk about diet, it’s almost always about solid foods. But don’t overlook what you drink. It’s a big mistake, as it impacts our weight a great deal. Here’s the report from CNN:

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Study Finds Benefits of Beer after Exercise

exercise and beerBeer or no beer? A study of 25 college students was performed a few years back and found that beer may have some positive influences on the body after a long tough workout. The students were split into two groups and asked to exercise in 104 degree weather. One group was given beer and the other group was given water to help them recover. The study was conducted for several months and according to the professors and scientists in charge, the students that were given beer appeared to be better hydrated than those given water. They believe that beer helps you retain liquid better than water and the carbohydrates in the beer help replace lost calories.

On the other hand, most of us exercise to lose weight and drinking beer after exercising pretty much defeats the purpose. (The average light beer has 103 calories, 5.7g carbs and 14mg sodium.) Why put empty calories back in your body after trying to burn them? I recommend drinking plenty of water while exercising and then eating a healthy meal or snack after the bout of exercise to help replenish the body. If you have any questions, please feel free to leave a comment and I will get back to as soon as possible.

4 Ways to Avoid Weight Gain from Fruit Juices

The best way to achieve your fluid needs for the day is by drinking water. Water is without a doubt the best fluid for your body, however it is normal to want to drink other things. Juice is a common ingredient in people’s diets, but there are some rules to think about in order to enjoy juice without having it influence weight gain. You may be wondering what to look for when purchasing juices, so below I have listed a few of my recommendations.

    1. 100% Juice. The first thing to remember is to only buy 100% juice products. Any other juice that’s not 100% is only good for providing you with a ton of sugar and empty calories that give you little to no nutritional value (i.e. sweetened juice and fruit-juice cocktail drinks).
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