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Health Buzz: Taco Bell’s Beef, New Dietary Guidelines and Heart Disease Risk Factors

Lawsuit Says Taco Bell Doesn’t Use Real Beef

The fast-food giant is being called out for the less than 35 percent beef used in their tacos and burritos. However, Taco Bell is fighting back saying they use 88 percent, plus a secret ingredient, in these “truth ads.”

The New 2010 Dietary Guidelines have Released

The USDA and HHS released the pentennial report with new nutritional recommendations for Americans. Included is direction for consuming less sodium, sugar and saturated fat, and consuming more fruits, vegetables and whole grains.

Make Your Own Junk Food for Super Bowl

When you make food at home, you can control the ingredients and the portions. Try some of these ideas and recipes for serving healthier Super Bowl favorites at your party. (more…)

The Best Diet Tips You’ve Never Heard

You’ve probably heard them all: put your fork down in between bites, snack on fruit when you want something sweet, take the stairs instead of the elevator. Diet tips can start to sound monotonous after a while, and maybe even obvious. But if they were so obvious, wouldn’t we be more apt to follow them? We went in search of some of the best diet tips you’ve never heard before, and a few notable dietitians gave us some great material that we know will help you kick-off your healthy new year’s habits!

Tips for Hunger Pangs

  • “At your first hint of feeling full, place your napkin over your plate.” – Mary Hartley, RD, MPH and director of nutrition for Calorie Count
  • Wait for hunger to eat… hunger is the sign the body needs food. If you feel tempted to snack, but aren’t hungry, set a 20 minute timer and distract yourself.” Rebecca Scritchfield, MA, RD, ACSM

Tips for Portioning and Serving Sizes

  • Cut your sandwich into four pieces, it makes it easier to leave the last piece.” – Hartley
  • Use small serving spoons. Even four spoonfuls will still be a little.” – Hartley (more…)

Elisa Zied’s Nutrition at Your Fingertips Offers Credible Nutrition Information

It’s National Nutrition Month and the second interview in our series will be a big help to anyone who has struggled with trying to find what’s “fact” and what’s “false” when it comes to nutrition information. I love the “information age,” don’t get me wrong, but for people who just want quick facts you can trust, it can be a total nightmare. You read one thing on one website and then something totally different on another.

In comes Elisa Zied, a New York-based dietitian and author of the resource book “Nutrition At Your Fingertips.” I call it a nutrition “survival guide.” You don’t need to read this book cover to cover (but you could if you wanted). It is designed to be used like a dictionary. Want to know about artificial sweeteners? Look it up and get the latest facts. Confused over food labels? Look that up. Same with topics such as glycemic index, food allergies, and healthy weight loss.

Listen to our interview then read on to win the book.

Win a copy of Nutrition At Your Fingertips. Leave a comment below to be eligible, either a nutrition question you’re not sure about or share your favorite “myth” that you were able to bust with reliable information. Winner will be selected 3/31/10.