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The Recession’s Negative Impact on our Health

grocery shoppingThe recession is rough on everyone’s finances. But it also has an impact on our health. According to two national surveys and health experts people are reacting to tough times by skipping check-ups with the doctor, the gym, and other preventative care.

The American Academy of Family Physicians (AAFP) and the American Heart Association conducted the surveys. Besides skipping doctor visits and the gym, people are buying cheaper packaged meals, which often translates into high-sodium, high-fat food. (more…)

Yoga Industry Stays Steady Despite Weak Economy

In these wallet-pinching times, most of us are examining our budgets and eliminating extra dollars spent on non-necessities like eating out, concert tickets or a new handbag. For those who practice yoga, rolling up their mats is not something they are going to part with despite the dismal economy.


For many who are devoted to this ancient practice, yoga is as much a needed part of their lifestyle as their automobile, cell phone or laptop. From its mind-calming effects to the physical benefits they derive from each practice, yoga classes have shown in some cities across the country to stay fairly immune to the turbulent waters of the rocky  economy.

According to Yoga Journal Magazine, subscriptions to their publication have stayed steady and attendance to their four annual conferences are full. With conference registrations costing more than $500 per person, there is something to say about where folks are willing to place their money these days. (more…)

Top 5 Foods to Economize Your Kitchen

Joining us in March as the Featured Guest Blogger of the Month is California Raisins. They’ve got a team of nutrition professionals who want to ensure all of us are living as healthy as possible, providing information about healthy, natural snacking and eating.

From gas to groceries, in these challenging economic times, Americans have become increasingly price conscious of their budget basics. While we may not be able to do much about the price of food, a few simple adjustments to our grocery list can help extend your food dollars.

The first step is to get creative and be positive. This is not the time for “ho-hum” thinking. Resourcefulness is one of Americans’ greatest qualities—put it to good use when you’re feeding your family. Think of foods that will give you the most nourishing bang for the buck. Often, this means going back to the basics, including: (more…)

Three Ways to Yoga on a Budget

In these hard economic times, most of us are forced to trim down our spending. From not eating out as frequently and to buying clothing only when its on sale, those of us impacted continue to devise creative ways to keep money in our pockets.yoga

One aspect of lifestyle spending that some are not willing to go without are wellness activities like exercise and yoga. For devoted health enthusiasts, giving up their regular fitness routine is one of the last, if not the last,  item they can eliminate from their budget. Exercise in general has been shown to promote physical and mental health and mind-body activities like yoga have been linked to reduced stress levels, which for most of us right now, are flying sky-high.

But you don’t have to renege on your yoga studio membership during these hard times. Here are a couple of things to consider before throwing in the yoga mat so that you can still continue to appreciate the numerous benefits of yoga and not depreciate your bank account. (more…)

Soup: The Perfect Food for a Recession

With the economic downturn weighing down upon our collective consciousness, many of us are tightening our budgets at least until the storm blows over. Believe it or not, there is a silver lining. That is, you can find new and cheaper ways to prepare meals, and still do it on a tighter budget.

There are many ways you can stay frugal and healthy at the same time. One effective way is to make soups. I think soups (homemade, anyway) are the forgotten weight management tool. There’s a reason soup kitchens are used to feed the poor, and just generally associated with rough times – soups are economical to make, and in large quantities! (more…)