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Disney’s Childhood Obesity Exhibit Angers Critics

It seems that anything with the Disney name is an instant success. However, this week they may have just made their biggest mistake. The new Epcot Disney exhibit, Habitat Heroes, which tackles childhood obesity, has made many critics furious, forcing the exhibit to shut down. Blue Cross and Blue Shield partnered with Disney to create Habitat Heroes. The exhibit is designed to take visitors through sets of interactive experiences that fight bad habits.

The exhibit is being accused of stigmatizing overweight kids as it features animated fitness heroes such as “Will Power” and “Callie Stenics” as your guides through interactive rooms where they fight habits like too much television and junk food. The heroes face off against the villains “Super-sized Snacker” and “Lead Bottom.”

Blue Cross and Blue Shield intended on the exhibit encouraging healthy habits among children so that they would improve their health and thus, lower health-care costs.

The problem the critics had was that Disney attached the worst habits to an overweight kid’s body. (more…)

Have Fun at Disney World on a Diet

Hollywood & Vine restaurant; Image via DisneyWorld.com

When it comes to amusement parks, roller coasters and funnel cakes are common sites, but healthy low calorie food is not. Yet, mega-fun spot Disney World is a trailblazer leading the way in offering healthy fare to its millions of enthusiastic guests.

If you’re taking the kids to Disney World for a vacation, you don’t have to derail your diet like a malfunctioning roller coaster. In fact, the Florida park has plenty to offer both health-minded folks and the not-so health-minded kids. Here is a look at how to navigate your way through Disney World so that even if you blow your budget, you don’t have to blow your diet. (more…)

Best Gyms In Orlando, FL

How can you go wrong with Orlando, Florida, home of Disney World, the happiest place on Earth! Millions of tourist visit Orlando each year which helps keep its economy booming.

Orlando has a population of just over 230,000, making it the 82nd largest city in the nation. The greater Orlando population is over two million people, making it the 27th largest metropolitan in the nation. The Orlando climate is a humid subtropical one and the average yearly temperature is around seventy two degrees (oh man, that sounds nice.)

Because of its warm weather, Orlando is a fitness oriented city where a healthy lifestyle is a must. Check out below to find the best gyms in Orlando!! (more…)