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Bread Crust Will Curl Your Hair and Other Food Myths

Getting your kids to eat a healthy meal is often a struggle. You can’t blame a parent for resorting to a little trickery. We’ve all done it. I pride myself on serving fresh, whole foods and always telling my kids the truth about foods; what’s in them, what’s not, why this food is better than another for your body. But I’m also guilty of some fibbing or well-intentioned browbeating in the name of good health.

  • Eat the crusts of your bread – it will curl your hair – Absolutely untrue, although I tried for years and actually volunteered to eat my curly headed sister’s crusts.


Busting Food Myths, Part Two

Last week we started busting food myths, which included whether eggs spike your cholesterol and what alcoholic drinks have health benefits. This week we finish the series with a focus on produce and caffeine. If you have any other food myths that you would like busted, let us know and we will bring you the facts!

Myth: Fresh vegetables and fruits are more nutritious than frozen ones.

Fact: The truth of the matter is that not everyone has access to a farmers’ market where produce can be purchased very soon after it has been pulled from the ground. With that said, the produce you are buying in your grocery story is very likely older than you think.


6 Weight Loss Excuses that Aren’t Cutting it

Excuses are all too common to the process of getting into shape. (And, no, round is not a shape!) Some of them are legitimate: time is short for all of us, work and family responsibilities pile higher and higher, and exercise is often seen as an expensive, unnecessary burden. Let’s take a look at the most common excuses that are used and blow them out of the water. Your best body is right around the corner!diet excuses

1. I don’t have time. Make time. Take a good, solid look at your schedule. Do you watch television? Maybe during a never-missed show you can add treadmill time. Or do squats, sit-ups and lunges during commercial breaks. Walk during your lunch hour. Run the stairs at your house for ten minutes three times a day. Wake an hour earlier. Somewhere in your schedule there is a chunk of time hiding. Find it. (more…)

Negative Calorie Foods Are Just Another Diet Myth

Have you heard celery and grapefruit called “negative calorie foods” and wondered if it was just a myth or actually true?  Read on to find out the facts about this dieter’s phenomenon.grapefruits

So the theory goes that there are foods that provide negative calories, presumably because the calories it takes to digest the foods are greater than the calories in the food. While it is true that digesting food burns calories, it is not true that any food has negative calories. (more…)

Calories Versus Exercise: Can’t They Both be Friends?

exercise and dietThanks to the article in Time magazine last week, there has been a lot of attention paid at the controversy surrounding the actual benefits of exercise when it comes to weight loss. While author John Cloud sure got people defending both sides of the argument, a closer look at this ensuing discussion in the weight loss and weight loss maintenance world is needed.

Cloud may have created a more convincing and less dangerous argument had he recommended the function and usefulness of maintaining a regular, moderate-intensity workout routine rather than suggesting that exercise and reduced caloric intake are perhaps not required to lose weight. (more…)