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Celebrity Diet Tweets Make Unhealthy Habits Mainstream

Americans are unarguably obsessed with three (at the very least) things: Social networking, body image and celebrities. So when you create a cauldron comprised of this trio of addictions, you have a potion that is as lethal as a malevolent sorcerer’s concoction.

And that is exactly what an article by a Global Shift writer is suggesting when non-famous Americans start following celebrities and their diet chronicles via Twitter. From Megan Fox’s apple cider vinegar shots to Demi Moore’s bikini photos, celebrities have taken to documenting their diet rituals and their effects in 140 characters or less and, unfortunately, many young and impressionable Americans are reading.

Many follow reading these tweets with a trip to the store to pick up the ingredients for a fad-diet juice blend that likely will not cure their weight issues.  (more…)

New Biggest Loser Dessert Cookbook Looks Sinfully Delicious

If you’re a fan of Chef Devin Alexander on Twitter, the adorably personable chef behind many of the Biggest Loser cookbooks, then you might have caught her feverishly posting all summer about a top-secret project that had her whipping up a bounty of desserts in her Manhattan Beach kitchen. Well, the mixing beaters are cleaned and she managed to keep her fit figure throughout the course of her culinary inventions, and she can now safely announce what she’s been hiding.

This fall, the newest creation from Biggest Loser will release The Biggest Loser Dessert Cookbook. Inside you’ll find more than 80 sweet tooth-tempting treats created by Chef Devin. Following rules given by Biggest Loser to keep the desserts as wholesome as possible, Chef Devin has created a book full of all-natural ingredients that will satisfy and tempt as well as they will keep you on track.

A sneak peek at some of these new Biggest Loser dessert recipes have whet our appetites and will no doubt have people anxiously awaiting the book’s release. (more…)

Tune In: Devin Alexander on The Dr. Oz Show

Tune in this Wednesday, March 17 to The Dr. Oz Show when Devin Alexander drops by to educate you on the principles of healthy cooking and eating.

Dr. Oz will discuss natural ways to reduce the effects of aging and he congratulates Devin for her “good idea” when it comes to aging and health. Devin will also be sharing her scrumptious recipe for a healthier take on Chicken Parmesan.

Devin is the author of several healthier cookbooks, including “The Most Decadent Diet Ever,” the “Biggest Loser Cookbook,” a New York Times Bestseller, and the just-released “I Can’t Believe It’s Not Fattening.” (more…)

Join the Cook at Home Challenge with Chef Devin Alexander

Chef Devin Alexander and DietsInReview.com introduce the Cook at Home Challenge, in which we want you to cook five more meals at home during the week than you already do. Then, share your experiences with the Cook at Home Challenge community by posting blogs, videos or photos, and you’re entered to win prizes each week. Prizes include a variety of cookware packages, all leading up to our Healthy Kitchen Makeover grand prize package, valued at $1,895. You could even win a copy of Devin’s new book “I Can’t Believe It’s Not Fattening!”.

Watch now as Chef Devin explains more, then click here to join the challenge or continue reading to learn more.


3 Ways to Find Weight Loss Motivation

devin alexanderThose who are very familiar with me and my work know that I have lots of cooking tips and tricks up my sleeve, along with some pretty unique recipes. They also know that I have a deep love for the decadent. Recently, I sent out a “Call for Questions” as part of my monthly newsletter (sign up for free at DevinAlexander.com if you haven’t already)—I wanted my readers to tell me what questions they wanted to me to answer and/or write about in upcoming newsletters and blogs. While I was open to any and all cooking questions, inquiries about my 55-pound weight loss and maintenance, and even questions about my personal tastes, etc., what I did not expect was to receive literally thousands of emails from people asking, “How do you stay motivated?”. I kid you not, though I’m most known for cooking, over 80% of the questions were about motivation.

Since motivation has been on my mind almost non-stop this week and so many people seek “answers,” it seems obvious that this should be the topic of this week’s blog.

I’ve found motivation in tons of places over the years. Being a busy person, like so many of you, I admit that it truly is easy to lose. And I know that motivation is a very personal thing. What motivates one person just might not motivate another. But there are definitely a few key actions that have helped me over the years.  Here are the top three: (more…)